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a story similiar to sasukes
Read first part posted on June, 2<br />
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As the neighbors ran towards me I spun around expecting to find a mad man standing behind me holding a blood katana, suddenly a massive force was flung against me and I was slammed to the ground. When I came to the 2 male neighbors were standing in front of me one with a katana and his son a little older then me with a kunai .heavy ropes were tied around me. Before I could ask what was going on there 12 year old daughter came running up both of my guards turn as she said that the authorities were on there way this was my chance. Pulling the blade I kept in my vest. Slicing the rope and springing up on to the fence behind me then I began to run along it then with a swift leap on to the ruffs that here behind me in the distance I could hear the girl screaming and the men shouting. After running for 2 hours I made it to the outer wall of the village and made my way up the wall to the cavern in the wall. The ninja were swarming over the village searching for me. On the way to the hiding spot I had over heard some chunnin talking about what had happened. Apparently the kunai’s that had killed my family had been thrown at the same time as I had slashed the logs. The door to the out side had been open and the neighbors had seen this. The chunnin had said one other thing, uncle reechans body hadn’t been found. That was the last thing on my mind. Climbing in to the hole I pondered on what to do now. Maybe a massive genjutsu, it would take a lot of energy but I could escape. After some planning it was done. I would cast the jutsu, then sneak in to a leaving boat that had passed inspection, then collapse and sleep. Stepping from the cave I concentrated my chakra for several minutes. I should have rested a day before doing this. Then releases, the wave of chakra burst over the village, go, ever second counted. I had about 2 minutes. Leaping from the cave I pushed my self towards the docks with bursts of chakra. I reached it in about 1 minute 30 seconds and crawled in to a crate. The genjutsu stunned the village to damage. As the boat learched forward and I drifted off to sleep. I jolted to sleep. WERE WAS I. I straitened my body and the crate literally exploded. I was on a medium sized cargo ship in the sun. Then the memories came back as I looked the 4 guards in the face. They weren’t private contractures, they were jonin. I leaped from the boat in to the thick forest on the banks and began to flee. I could hear the guards trying to pursue me. I was the best fit jonin even for my age. And for five day’s a ran till I collapsed in that faithful cheery grove. In that time running I realized that uncle reechan was the cause as I realized that the facts fear obvious. I had a meson, it had begun.

by mekazou409
Written: 4 years ago
Views: 590
Property: Naruto