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The story of Nakita the 10 tail part 2
(um by the way i just made up this and the first one...and the ones im going to write in the future) They aproached the village gates with caution. &quot;i..i thought the village was completlly hiden&quot; Milea whispered &quot;not so hiden now anyone could see the smoke&quot; Kisane anwserd &quot;we need to split up in search of any survivers&quot;Nakita commanded in her gentle but stern vioce(that was one thing people didnt get about her they thought she would have a hard commanding voice but it turned out see had a gentle yet firm voice)as they enterd the destroyed village Kisane and Milea shook their heads in reply and they started to look.Nakita had never minded dead people in fact she had killed alot of people in the last 7 years of the 16 she had been alive some with the 2 broad swords that hung at her waist,others with her jutsu(she knew alot even a copy nin jutsu),and some she hated to say with her demon,but all the dead bodies and the stench made her want to get sick and hurl.They were about 15 minutes into their search when Nakita heard Milea shout that she had found Kiy(black hair-sort of like kakashis hair in shape-with raven blue eyes).Nakita made her way there to see that Kisane was already there and helping Kiy to his feet. &quot;What happened Kiy&quot; Kisane asked &quot;there were 2 people here one i dont know who he was but the other was Nakitas brother Ty&quot;(short purple hiar with baby blue eyes) Kiy anwserd &quot;they destroyed the place afterwards i tryd to get up and look for any more survivers i looked all over the village but didnt find any then i collapsed here and you guys found me at least 30 minutes later&quot; Kiy looked at Nakita but she just faced him with an unreadable expresion. she hated her brother and he hated her.Why?Because when they were 8 years old Nakitas demon took over her and she killed her parents and some other people as well from that day on Ty vowed that he would kill her no mater what.They figured out were they should go becuase Kiy had some old friends there and Nakita wouldent go to their alloys the Mist because she had enimies there.So once Milea healed Kiy as much as she could(Milea is a healing ninja)they steped out of the village and headed for the Sand village. (didnt know i would send them to the Sand hu? well i was saving that for a surprize theyll be there in the next part of the story)<br />

by gaararocksxoxo
Written: 4 years ago
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Property: Naruto