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The story of Nakita the 10 tail part 3
(um by the way if you havent goten the picture yet NAKITA IS THE MAIN CHARECTER)The 4 ninjas had to travle slower than usual because of Kiys injurys but no mater how fast they went it would take them at least 5 days to get to the Sand village so Kiy said.they stoped at a small market place along the way to stock up on supplies and get some ramen. when they were done eating Kiy sent a message to the Sand village telling them of their arival.aparently Kiy thoght that one of his old friends would convince the kazekage to let them stay.what we need to do is find Ty and get back at him for what he did,Nakita thoght,wate why do i care about the Forest village?i almost did it once if it wasent for Kiy my demon would have defenently destroyed it.Nakita just shruged she knew the others wanted to go to the Sand village althogh she knew she would get her way if she thretend Milea Kisane and Kiy.milea and Kisane were acspeshaly afraid of her Kiy not so much .she didnt want to threten Kiy anyway he had been her only freind when she was a little kid even when she literaly went insane.they left the market place and started on their way again.while they were moving Nakita kept thinking about the Sand village.i wonder what its like there,she thoght,i mean i know it going to be hot compared to the cool forest,but what about the villagers what would they say about our arival?and how will the sands ninjas treat us as comrads?oh well ill figure out when we get there.it took them a few more days to get to the sand but when they got there there were ninjas waiting for them.&quot;hey Kiy how did you know how to get here?&quot;Nakita asked&quot;ive been here before&quot;Kiy replied&quot;Baki?&quot;Kiy said to one of the ninjas &quot;Kiy?&quot; the ninja replied&quot;long time no see when we got the message i couldent belive my eyes i thought you were dead&quot; &quot;well im not i got away from that place before they could could find me&quot;Kiy said &quot;what are you talking about Kiy?&quot;Milea asked&quot;when we were young i came here secretly to help them with the chunin exams and we had to go on an emergency mission but failed i havent seen this place since then&quot;he replied&quot;yeah well your here now and we welcome you&quot;Baki said to him.by then Nakita was getting prety anoyed&quot;can we get moving alredy?i know we didnt come here just to jave one big reuon!&quot;she said &quot;a little impaitent today hu Nakita?&quot;Kisane asked.Nakita shot him a warning glance and he shut up&quot;alright lets go right this way&quot;Baki said they went through the village to the place were the kazekage and his siblings were suposed to be and stoped at a door Baki opened it and they steped inside while the other ninjas that had escorted them left.&quot;lord kazekage these are the ninjas from the hidden Forest village&quot;Baki said ther were 3 people in the room 2 were standing up and 1 was siting at a desk the one sitting stood and welcomed them Nakita guessed that he was the kazekage&quot;hello&quot; 1 of the other ninjas said &quot;my names Temari and these are my brothers Gaara and Kankuro&quot;<br />

by gaararocksxoxo
Written: 4 years ago
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Property: Naruto