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The story of Nakita the 10 tail part 4
(i would sugest you read part 3 to get the begining of part 4)Temari shot a glance at her brothers telling them to say hello to. Gaara saw this and said &quot;hello&quot; Kankuro just had an anoyed look on his face like he didnt want to be there so Temari elbowed him &quot;hello&quot; he said finally.Nakita studyed the 3 Sand ninjas they smelled so different and weird(Nakita has a very strond sence of smell and hearing partly because her demon gave her the ability an partly because her father was once a part of the dog clan of the hidden Leaf vilage thats right i said the dog clan of the Leaf village)she was used to the clear strong sent of trees instaed it was sandy and..well she couldent discrbe the other part of the smell but it seemed to comfort her for some reasone she didnt know why.Kiy laughed softly when he saw the look on Nakitas face &quot;my name is Kiy and this is Milea,Nakita,and Kisane&quot; Temari winced when Kiy said Kisanes name &quot;that sounds alot like Kisame&quot; she said &quot;who that fish guy from the Akatsuki?&quot; Nakita asked &quot;yeah&quot; Temari replied &quot;what id do to that low lying piece of shusi if i ever saw him again!&quot; Nakita said &quot;look i know you guys mite want to talk but were kind of tired from coming here and i would like some sleep&quot; Kiy said &quot;right Temari would you take them to their rooms?&quot; Gaara asked &quot;ok&quot; Temari replied Baki said goodby toKiy and went to do something.as they were leaving the room Nakita heard Kankuro talking to Gaara &quot;how do you think that Nakita girl will do here?&quot; &quot;dont dout her&quot; Gaara said &quot;who said i was douting her i was just asking&quot; Kankuro said.Temari took Naita to her room last and Nakita had a uncerten look on her face &quot;dont wory youll get used to it&quot; Temari said &quot;how am i suposed to get used to it?&quot; Naita replied.when Temari left Nakita cloesed the door and got dressed for bed and sleep soon overcame her.<br />

by gaararocksxoxo
Written: 4 years ago
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Property: Naruto