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**AUTHOR NOTE** Alot....like....TONS TONS more happened in itakaru then i wrote. This is Itachi&#039;s side. Enjoy fangirls...and boys...<br />
_____________________________________________<br />
<br />
It was the first basketball game of the seson, our team was winning. I looked at a girl from my school, or, so i presummed. She was pale, but not sickley. Her hair was a normal black, casual like almost every fan girl. I expected her to be a cheerleader taking a break. She shuffled in her seat, then turned. Her eyes were blue, nothing un-normal.But when i saw the other blonde step in front of her. then, i got a better look at the...um, boy. Deidara. Was she his date? <br />
<br />
I focused my eyes on the game. Not that it was something i would take facination to. But, my little brother was playing. &quot;Chick is crazy&quot; Sasori grumbled, sitting next to me. &quot;Whom?&quot;<br />
&quot;The black-haired girl deidara is talking to.&quot;<br />
&quot;Oh....his date?&quot;<br />
&quot;NO.....i mean, nah, there friends.&quot;<br />
&quot;Heh....&quot;<br />
<br />
Sasori raised his eyebrow. Then Deidara sat back on the other side of me. &quot;Is she that much trouble?&quot; I asked, curious to find out more about her. Deidara rolled his eyes. &quot;Karuakue is the most difficult girl ever&quot;<br />
<br />
This was news to me. She seemed peaceful, delicate, something more complex. But apparently i think to highly of people, because according to my closest friends, she was immpossible. &quot;Is she, stubborn?&quot; i asked, acting interested in the game.<br />
&quot;DUDE!&quot; Deidara exclaimed. I looked at him shocked, then i saw he was reffering to the incorrect foul called on one of our players. <br />
Sasori gave deidara a &#039;shut up, retard&#039; look. &quot;Anyways&quot; sasori continued, &quot;Yes. she&#039;s not date or friend material. In my perspective. But she&#039;s-&quot; Deidara cut sasori off. &quot;The chick HAS friends, me, sadley, being one of them. But she dosnt take well to newcomers in her &#039;clique&#039;.&quot; he sounded as though she was satin&#039;s sister...<br />
<br />
The game ended, with us loosing by 15 points. I saw that girl, Karuakue, was picked up by a fairly nice car. I saw a man with a face resembling hers. Actually, he looked nothing like her date, she even looked to be fussing at him. He looked so much like her, i assumed him to be her dad.<br />
<br />
Sasuke and i got in the car. &quot;You played well&quot; i said as encouraging as possible. &quot;Shut up&quot; he muttered. As difficult as ever. I only smiled...<br />
<br />

by Lolz91
Written: 4 years ago
Views: 671
Property: Naruto