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The stroy of Nakita the 10 tail part 5
(sorry about the last part 5 my brother played with the computer and submitted it) When Nakita woke the next moning the first of the suns rays were coming in through the window in the room she was staying in.she got dressed and went through the things in her bag. in the botom of the bag she found an old picture of her and her teamates when they were younger when they had first been asighned as teamates.Nakita was smileing slightly and looking at Milea and Kisane like they were retarded because they were pushing each other for space and still had smiles on their faces while kiy was looking kind of embaresses(and he still looked kind of the same all these years later).she put the picture on the table beside the bed.at least she was happy in the picture now she was almost never happy because of everyone not caring about her because of the huge white demon wolf that was in her. her demon could take over her etheir when she let it or when she got way to mad.and when she got mad her eyes got darker,theyed start from her normal ice blue and get darker blue until they were black and thats when her demon could take over her. she looked at the door.she heard talking and smelled Temari and Milea coming.Nakita went to the door and opened it Temari was standing there with Milea. Temari looked kind of surprised "how did you know i was here?" she asked "i heard you coming down the hall and then i smelled you" Nakita replied "you smelled me how could you of smelled me?" Temari asked Nakita sighed "my hearing,smelling,and eyesite are really good half because of the demon wolf thats in me and half because my dad was from the dog clan of the leaf village" "the dog clan of the leaf village how...never mind" Temari said "what we came here for was to ask you if you wanted to come out into the village with us" Milea said "sure why not as long as this village has ramen!" Nakita replied "hey isnt your birthday next week Nakita?" Milea asked "oh yeah..." Nakita had forgoten about that. she would be 17 in the next week."oh well...lets just go get some ramen ok" Nakita said as they walked down the hall with the others. TO BE CONTIUED

by gaararocksxoxo
Written: 4 years ago
Views: 994
Property: Naruto