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To save a loved one's life you have to conquer the Ninja World. What power to use?
The power of a jinchuuriki. An extraordinary amount of power, very little brains and skill in using it.

Sage mode. Very powerful, for a little while.

Orochimaru\\\\\\\'s power. Genjutsu, Snakes, regeneration, and possibly reincarnation.

Rinnegan. Seven people can get a job done a lot faster, plus there\\\\\\\'d be minimal danger to the real you.

Eternal Sharingan. A hell of a lot of power and a hell of a lot of time would be needed to perform this stunt.

Byakugan. If you succeeded, you could watch over the entire Ninja world better.

I should have added more powers.

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by Titaryough
Created: 5 years ago
Property: Naruto