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When Sakura knows Uchiha´s truth, what would she do?
She will realize that she really loves Naruto, run to him and tell him.

She will be the first one to give up about Sasuke and tells Naruto that they must kill their old mate.

She will want to kill Hokage for what he did to Uchiha´s clan.

She will tell Naruto that the only way to escape from hatred is to get out of the Ninja World and think of a plan to defeat it from outside.

She persuades Naruto to run away together from everyone and everything so they can forget Sasuke and the pain he causes them. Naruto gives her a -"NO, I WON´T RUN AWAY"-, so Sakura shall go to find peace by herself

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by Chikagio
Created: 5 years ago
Property: Naruto