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Is Sasuke stronger than Naruto?
Yes, he basically has every jutsu Itachi had, making him even more superior. It's like Vegeta and Goku doing their fusion.

No way! I love Naruto! :D

Hmm, I'd say so! Naruto isn't too versatile with his fighting. It's just mostly Rasengan which gets boring. Sasuke has much more S-Class jutsus.

I think it's pretty even if Naruto soon awakens that unknown jutsu Itachi gave him. Itachi himself said that he hopes Naruto never has to use it.. You know what that means..

Naruto will say "I will never give up" and then beat Sasuke in some way.

Right now Sasuke is stronger, but Kishimoto obviously isn't going to let Naruto stay weak. They're gonna have to even it up!

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by SwmXyooj
Created: 5 years ago
Property: Naruto