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Will Madara, Zetsu and Sasuke kill all the Kages?
I doubt they'll be able to kill Danzo, cause he still has a role in this story

Madara is untouchable, Sasuke is Itachi (but stronger), and Zetsu can heal! Pho sho they can win!

No way! You crazy foo? Why would the kill Gaara!

Didn't you see the Tschukiage do the compressed box move!?

I have a feeling that Mizukage and her gaurds Chōjūrō and Ao are gonna get killed. Cause Suigetsu broke Zabuza's sword! And Chojuro is one of the 7 Mist Swordsman! :D

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by SwmXyooj
Created: 5 years ago
Property: Naruto