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If you could choose one ability from naruto to have, it would be...
tsucuyomi(screw with ur freinds, torture your enemies, hypnotise people to do your bidding of whatever comes to mind, very beneficial)

amaterasu( for those of you who like to watch the world burn :)

susanoo(end the war in iraq like a badass and smash every mountain in the middle east to find osama, or something more evil...)

madaras immortality jutsu( live long and prosper!)

madaras space time ninjutsu( instantaneous space travel and basic unkillability has its perks right?)

kamui(mini black holes...horaay :)

rasengan or chidori?( weapons you can take with you on a plane, and burn a hole in peoples chest with...

pains gravity control( enemies=shinra tensei, that person yo ugot a crush on=bansho tenin)

sage mode( awesome thing up your sleeve in a barfight)

gaaras sand control( makes kicking sand in peoples faces a breeze, or strangling them with it...

and last but not least, your own tailed beast sealed inside of you( maniacal demonic killing machine to call upon when things arent going ur way,and my personnal fav)

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by sasunoo
Created: 4 years ago
Property: Naruto