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Will Naruto change his mind about Sasuke?
1.) No-Naruto will not abandon his ninja way and he will try to talk to Sasuke before battling him.

2.) He will realize that being a Hokage means being responsible for many things and that he can't continue to chase Sasuke like Jiraiya chased Orochimaru.

3.) He will decide that bringing Sasuke back is more important than being Hokage.

4.) Sasuke will kill Sakura, Sai, Kiba, or another close personal friend of Naruto's; sending him into the realization that he can never work things out with Sasuke

5.) He will fight Madara before confronting Sasuke, hoping that this will convince Sasuke to stop his foolishness

6.) When Naruto recovers from his panic attack, he will realize that Sasuke is an enemy, pure and simple.

44 votes

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by revsethsmith
Created: 4 years ago
Property: Naruto