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Which is most likely?
1.) Sasuke kills Sakura and Naruto can't take it anymore, and kills Sasuke

2.) Naruto fights Sasuke and beats him this time but Sasuke retreats and then uses Itachi's eyes, setting up a rematch

3.) Madara and Sasuke kill all the villagers before Naruto returns

4.) Sasuke becomes content with killing just Danzo and the two advisors and leaves Konoha afterwards

5.) Madara lets Naruto kill Sasuke so that he can steal Sasuke's eyes and become stronger

6.) Madara decides that Yamato/Kakashi/Naruto are too strong together and that he and Sasuke need to rest before their next attack, giving Naruto time to train

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by revsethsmith
Created: 4 years ago
Property: Naruto