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Sasuke stronger than Pain?
1.) NO way, Pain is stronger than Sasuke even with eternal mangekyo. He could use six bodies, each of which had a DIFFERENT AND POWERFUL KEKKAI GENKAI, none of which were his real body. No one can beat him if they don't figure this out first, and really not even then without several powerful allies.

2.) Susano would defeat even Yahiko Pain's Bansho tenin technique, and genjutsu was the only weakness of one of Pain's bodies; Sasuke could beat pain without much trouble.

3.) They are evenly matched now that Sasuke has permanent Mangekyou

4.) They were evenly matched even before Sasuke got permanent Mangekyou

5.) Pain is somewhat stronger than Sasuke, but Sasuke in ten years will be more powerful.

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by revsethsmith
Created: 4 years ago
Property: Naruto