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Which akatsuki pair is best here?
Itachi & Kisame (Kisame is as strong as a tailed-beast with his sword,Itachi is the only threat that made Tobi couldn't even think of getting Sasuke before he's dead)

Deidara & Sasori (Deidara is the best of rock village for sure,defeated Garaa-a kage,Sasori captured the best ninja in sand village and only killed by the one taught him about puppets)

Zetsu & himself (he is a weird creature and power is still unknown,appears anywhere he would like to record anything he sees)

Orochimaru & Sasori (one of 3 legendary ninjas-Orochimaru is addversary of Jiraiya,got killed only when he was so ill)

Kakuzu & Hidan (Kakuzu and Madara were only 2 men who survived after fighting 1st Hokage-the strongest ninja of his time,Kakashi + Yamato could only took one of his 4 lives,Hidan is a stupid boy that coulnt do anything than having a immortal body,all long-range fighters can kick his ass)

Pain & Konan (Pain is leader and strongest one here so i think he is out of this league)

Deidara & Tobi (Tobi is Madara so i think he is out of this league)

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by lvkm
Created: 4 years ago
Property: Naruto