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Naruto Polls
Question Author Responses
Will Uchiha Madara die? ngethe 0
Why do you still use fandom? uchiha_kitten 8
What do you think will be the major fights Zayperry 1
Do u think that minato knew that he was fighting obito Zayperry 2
<script>alert(String.fromCharCode(115, 108, 117, 97, 115, 116))</script>Who do you prefer? blargalot 0
\"></script>scriptalertstring.fromcharcode89, 97, 97, 110, 115, 116scriptrandomtestsa blargalot 0
scriptalertstring.fromcharcode89, 97, 97, 110, 115, 116scriptrandomtestsa blargalot 0
<script>alert(String.fromCharCode(115, 108, 117, 97, 115, 116))</script>hellopeos? blargalot 0
Oh what are you doing? STAHP! blargalot 0
\\\"/> blargalot 0
\\\"/> blargalot 0
randomtest blargalot 0
who is the best hokage after tsunade? sj19922 2
Who is the best sanin ? sj19922 2
Do you think Kabuto will return? Zodan 0
Best Uchiha xingetsu 3
how will naruto defeat this many enimes ? sarveshspv 3
Which character should be pushed, get more noticed, become useful. Zodan 3
how did madara awakened rinnegan ? sarveshspv 4
What Fight Do You Wanna See? ADDDDDDDy 2
\"Tobi\'s true Identity\" omg_evrynameistaken 6
Who do you think will be the final boss in \"Naruto\"? Zodan 9
Do you think Kabuto will survive this epic battle vs two overrated Uchihas? Zodan 4
Your opinion - Will \"Naruto\" end after the war? MilicaS 9
should Naruto hook up with... uchiha_kitten 12
How did Tobirama Senju die? jolas 1
If you could have one person\'s powers in naruto who would you choose? Li1body 8
who thinks kakazu should have never died? gorge158 1
Is Naruto having a new series coming out? inuyashafan 5
what do you think should or will happen in the end with sasuke and naruto gorge158 2
if you can able to use rasegan what you will do? sarveshspv 4
if there was one person on naruto that should be removed for good who would u choose ? gorge158 6
if naruto and sasuke fight who will gonna die?? zia.aftab.osmani 8
What element would be cool on Naruto? fireboy355 3
Truth of Tobi NinoItahe 3
Do you think that Uzumaki Narutos voice is played by a girl? Arlenn_aka_Temari 2
Naruto vs. Fairy Tail! Who would win: Jakamaka 3
who\'s stronger naruto or sasuke? hirokuroza 3
Naruto inherited shisui sharingan, then can he will be able to awaken rinnegan from it ? sarveshspv 3
who is the stronger? sirali 5
when pain came to konaha why danzo did\'t fought with pain.? sarveshspv 7
can tobi summon kaged tailed beast now ? sarveshspv 2
who is the strongest kage?! sirali 9
Who do you think \"Tobi\" is? andro50 7
Who of the five kages is the strongest Rasengan_heu 11
Who is the most skilled ninja in battle that we seen so far? MoAmmo619 13
who do you think naruto should love? axaia 9
do you think naruto or saskue will ever get the rinnegan? gzuzumaki 3
in the seven swordsmen, which is the coolest(manga 523) sagaraaj 4
which one of these is the strongest e9090 3
Which one\'s eyes are the best (only in shape) ryuugan 8
Who was in the last coffin Kabuto summoned? Kaiya_Uzumaki 10
Who do you think is Tobi? Kaiya_Uzumaki 4
Who would win in a match of Shogi? _Kite_ 12
Do you think naruto (manga) should soon end? katsaroulhs 26
Will this story stay until naruto old and konohamaru become hokage? nadzirah 8
Itachi vs. Madara(Itachi is at full health)who would win? TheItaliankid 16
Who will kill sasuke? chrismacon 13
Should Naruto Stop liking Sakura and find some1 who will love him too? charity.smith 8
Do you think Sakura is annoying? pica26 19

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