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Naruto Polls
Question Author Responses
how will konohamaru be? akangwowo 42
Which one's more pretty? z-existence 42
Has Killerbee personally known Kushina? z-existence 23
Who is TOBI? theawesome4 53
Which naruto video game do you like most? violinoman18 21
should naruto move on to another technique besides rasengan and kage bunshin? secretninja703 65
would you want naruto to be the sage of 6 paths, or not? ANBU_64 88
do you think sakura should be in the ending of each naruto shippuden episode? secretninja703 33
Can Kisame beat the Hachibi Killer Bee? zatawn 47
do you think it will ever be naruto ultimate ninja storm for PC sharingan3333 8
Since Naruto took control of the fox, will he be able to fuse with Fukasaku and Shima? rheanna09 54
Do you think Naruto is somehow the Sage of Six Paths (Refered to Manga Chapter 499) TOBIMadaraTHEGOODBOY 61
Kushina & Tsunade who told lies? lvkm 42
Which two colors would u prefer for Naruto´s overalls instead of Orange-Black? Axtrex 50
Anyone notice how animation and detail has been crappy in naruto lately? tenfoot777 40
Is Nagato/Pain a whiner who thinks no one has suffered as much as him? egonzalez 30
What interests you most at the moment? vyyy 52
Who's the STRONGEST KAGE currently ? Nejimorris 99
Is kankuro's new puppet Sasori? bloox_X 40
what ultimate jutsu is more cool ButterflyBomb 61
is naruto the actually sage of six paths kushina_408 56
Who is stronger, Sasuke or Naruto? violinoman18 69
Will Naruto 600 be the last? violinoman18 70
Has Naruto finally become the greatest shinobi of the leaf EVER?(manga499) z-existence 65
Do you think TenTen is useless? Axtrex 55
Could Naruto's attitude change now? z-existence 39
Who would win? Pain or Madara? Onixas 51
Favourite Couples RandomSil 48
Who is your favorite CHARACTER? (naruto shippuden) Lewis_stone9 57
if naruto had a girl friend who will it be? kushina_408 67
who's the SMARTEST and the MOST GENIUS akangwowo 78
sasuke or naruto who is best..........??? DABBU123 47
Best fight match-ups? SwmXyooj 52
Will Nagato and/or Itachi break Kabuto's control over them? Startingover721 56
Naruto vs. Minato who would win rg1115 63
whos your favorite female charecter rg1115 74
do you think orochimaru strong after he got kabuto body??? yuryu 25
who is stronger sakura or tsunade? (Naruto Shippuden) Lewis_stone9 28
which character is smarter in strategy tactics? (naruto Shippuden) Lewis_stone9 43
do you want naruto to end rg1115 60
Rock Lee vs Suigetsu SwmXyooj 38
when will naruto use the power itachi gave him rg1115 87
Naruto's mom is HOT logi 64
Who's the naruto's love??? sidra23 59
Which akatsuki member died with the cloak/robe Nejimorris 35
Will naruto use nine tails against sasuke? Nejimorris 30
Whos Stronger Itatchi or Kisame Hikaz 47
Do you guys think NARUTO has a bloodline limit he is not yet aware of? thegrandmaster 64
Who do you think is better? Naruto or Sasuke? NarutoFanLover4Ever 23
Who Was The Kuybi's Host Before Naruto JimmyDbum 72
Do you write Pein or Pain? anko-san 53
will minato and kushina teach naruto jutsu? akangwowo 30
How do you think Kuishina died? hottempered-chan 58
witch pain is the coolest. rg1115 30
Is it Uchiha Obito under the mask or is it really madara !! noomeek 64
Why is it Naruto can only summon Gamakichi, even when in sage mode? NaraDuff 41
which character has the most jutsu's? Lewis_stone9 64
Manga vs Anime SwmXyooj 36
nruto vs sasuke, what will be the end? akangwowo 69
Whos in the coffin that kabuto summons in manga 490?? SouthWestOracle 114