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Naruto Polls
Question Author Responses
who will kill tobi? chill777 81
Is the Sharingan overpowered? acuradan 54
who will kill sasuke? chill777 37
What will Naruto's Second Element Affinity be? cdent29 85
do you think sasuke should ever become good again? Suki1709 39
hinata is cuter with? Suki1709 37
in which clan would you be? Suki1709 43
strongest living ninja oshmalik 54
if the Rinnegan is the third of the six paths uchiha&senju. what are the remianing 3 oshmalik 61
what do you think the rest of the six paths are apart from the uchiha,senju and rinnegan aminur 38
Do you ever eat ramen or instant noodles for breakfast? SwmXyooj 9
If four members of Akasuki fought, who would win between these? Mezuki 35
Who is the most powerful? Miken112 24
If Madara is not using Tobi's body, why hide his face? Brawnz72 24
will naruto kill madara??? leafninja66 12
If Naruto becomes the sixth hokage who do you think he will choose to be the seventh ? tktkana 76
Who should Naruto go with? George_S45 47
Would you like to see Naruto with the Rinnegan? Startingover721 49
Who was the unknown person Kabuto summoned w/ EdoTensei that suprised Madara(Ch490)? digitalritual 101
YOUR SIDE?? Abula 32
sakuras husband should be?? Suki179 58
which couple is cuter?? Suki179 43
Did Madara Has Lost His Second Eye ? rohanghige 42
who is going to defeat Kabuto ? sterno 39
NAGATO IS FROM THE uzumaki CLAN what do you think about that cosmicNARUTO 97
who is your best character(99C)? Abula 49
Fav Pain realm! Kujoshan 34
what will naruto do if he fight sasuke for last time? UchihaRizky21 48
If you wanted any person to beat Sasuke up, who would it be? NINDOforever 44
will kakashi ever be killed? avenged_yamato 23
would you rather have rasengan or chidori samuel1221 48
whos the best of sanins venkateshvelivela 35
Favorite Akatsuki? Jenjenz 51
Do you enjoying Iruka fillers Gaiden? imran_k12 16
Is Madara going to take nagato's eyes? SanKKKy 32
The Actual Mastermind??? Horseatrader 26
do you think people kiss too much naruto butt?even if he is the main character pwnsause 13
what will happen to madara NarutoL33TpWn 12
will the akatsuki ever be completely terminated? xander7 16
Favorite Akatsuki member? Jenjenz 20
kisame :( death were you sad? kuniknife 24
should they make a Fairytail central? kyubi-sage_naruto 12
Naruto Manga 419 Predictions ThaoKidd 14
Madara Uchiha vs. Konan Angel_Uchiha7 17
Who is the ''secret'' summoning of Kabuto when he meet with Tobi?? Demoniak 45
Who is the Strongest Hokage imran_k12 31
Orochimaru or Kabuto? SwmXyooj 15
Are you annoyed with the Naruto love pairs? SwmXyooj 11
which hinata pairing you like most? narutolova44 142
Who will win? Inamae 131
did itachi sealed himself int naruto???? jaisa 139
is MADARA going to kill KONAN cosmicNARUTO 117
Wat Do You Think Madara Is Gonna Do Wit The Rinnengan If He Gets It Folk_Pain 137
Who do you think the Leader of the Sannins should be? bluedragonsage 58
Who do you think the best Hokage is? bluedragonsage 82
Do you think Kisame died like a true ninja? Sasukekid123 74
Uchiha Madara V.S Konan ThaoKidd 60
Naruto Fillers! SwmXyooj 37

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