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Naruto Polls
Question Author Responses
Will Naruto destroy the Kyuubi Seal naruto_ever 39
in manga do you like narutos new powers kuniknife 73
Who is your favorite character? (Characters from before the main story line) Anivla01 85
Real Madara identity is NinoItahe 84
Madara is Obito is that true NinoItahe 58
sasuke vs kimimaro sakonofthesound 28
who think Itatchi put a message in Naruto for Sasuke when he uses genjustsu on Naruto sobeatit1 62
kimimaro vs might guy sakonofthesound 16
Will have Naruto all chakra elements with his new seal of sage of the six paths ? latrommi 53
Do you like Naruto's new Demon Fox form or do you like the Cloak better? JDog335 60
wouldn't red eyes make naruto new fox-form better THISUSERNAMEISINCAPS 49
The Final Battle Minato_Uchiha7 114
who would you bring back to life? kunailordx 126
what would happen if naruto died? kunailordx 86
what would most likely happen if they made a new season of naruto? kunailordx 65
sakon vs shikamaru sakonofthesound 14
Harribel vs Kisame happyjappy 26
What element would you prefer to have? JulgaTH 78
Naruto's place in your top animes? JulgaTH 54
What do you think happened to Rin? (From Kakashi's days of youth) JulgaTH 86
do u think that sakura has the same attitude and personality as kushina? secretninja703 58
Whose life touches your heart the most? joessj5 62
who would win? natsu, ichigo, or naruto(shippuden) therasenshuriken 41
ok only logical people who coulda been in kabutomarus coffin El_gallo_rojo 45
rasengan vs chidori? El_gallo_rojo 53
do you think kakashi shouldve stayed dead ? saintjimmy 29
who do you tihnk kabuto will bring back from the dead saintjimmy 45
who is the strongest of sound five ?? sakonofthesound 20
sakon vs gaara sakonofthesound 11
Minato vs. Sasuke peanutman7 58
Minato&Naruto vs. Itachi&Sasuke peanutman7 60
Do you think the Sharingan is really awesome, or just a cheap way to win battles peanutman7 49
If every known Akatsuki came and attacked current Naruto, could they beat him? peanutman7 53
Do you think that Naruto will kick Sasuke's ass now that he has the kyuubi power? peanutman7 44
Do you think Kisame will survive after what happened in Chapter 505? peanutman7 29
Best Swordsman? YondaimexHokage 31
do you hate narutos new fox-form THISUSERNAMEISINCAPS 31
son of yellow flash is now orange flash.... what's next? ankitf2 38
whos the fastest out of these 3? overnaruto 82
Guy sensei back in action!? SwmXyooj 17
Do you think the masked guy is really madara...? ssrinivasans 26
Between which of these four to you think is the most anoying XxNinjaRockerxX 42
Who would win in a fight? lemanuel 27
lets test the fan rate btween Naruto & Sasuke WorldRumor 33
do you think the series should end soon? fada 29
best rival? fada 29
What could Naruto show improve on? SwmXyooj 25
Are you annoyed with the Naruto fillers? SwmXyooj 15
Who is your favorite Uchiha? Minato_Uchiha7 41
best akatsuki member shadowfire996 21
Susano'o Battle Minato_Uchiha7 27
DBZ VS SHIPPUDEN (part 2) what would the best swords man fight cosmicNARUTO 80
THE BATTLE OF THE ARTS (Deidara vs sai vs konan ) cosmicNARUTO 57
wife of naruto should be?? chandresh 151
Whose mangekyou looks coolest? kickass007 108
Who will win? Minato_Uchiha7 68
DID you CRY when you read manga chapter 504? akangwowo 71
Do you think that Naruto would become romantically involved with Hinata in the series? sympa 74
who will win in the final battle naruto or saskue vielos 53

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