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Naruto Polls
Question Author Responses
Judjing by what we witnessed so far the "Flying Thunder God" tech could have: z-existence 72
Could the fourth hokage have defeated pain Koibito27 56
which GENIN will win?( NOT shippuden)? fada 35
If Konan & Sakura were to fight, who would win? Fouraisa 50
naruto vs naruto shippuden kuniknife 32
Don't you think that scar on Naruto's cheek looks uncool chitesh 40
Who is your favorite male character originalnara 55
Who would win? Akondomaru 61
Who would win? Akondomaru 21
Who would win? Akondomaru 18
Who is the strongest in shippuden? Minato_Uchiha7 74
Can Naruto even compare to his father? SwmXyooj 46
will naruto obtain new element justu? poy1234 33
What is the REAL REASON behind Madara's weird body? Startingover721 41
why do you like hinata or whay do you hate her? ( I hate her) narutomj12 40
why do you like hinata or whay do you hate her? ( I hate her) narutomj12 16
why do you like hinata or whay do you hate her? ( I hate her) narutomj12 13
when kyuubi attacked konoha, who was the HOKAGE? akangwowo 37
Who thinks all these tarded poll posters who can't even write should be banned? hamppukuja 19
will naruto have the power of transportation jutsu(flash just as his father) chitesh 125
what are special about yondaime??> yuryu 59
do you accept when evil kyuubi release ,yondaime also will release... yuryu 25
madara was a kage from??? yuryu 38
do you know!!! tobi has a scar in his eyes??? yuryu 24
Which Akatsuki is the most BRUTAL? Startingover721 66
How will Shippuden Saga end raitonrasenkunai 106
Which Blood line is the strongest? osama754 83
do you think naruto or kakashi is going to be the next hokage? fada 42
Why Madara dnt have susanoo? lvkm 86
Episode 167... What do you think ? buda666 36
should there be a continuation of naruto where he is hokage Koibito27 72
Who will be Narutos GF ? simens 126
will naruto ever end rg1115 44
Minato and Kushina are the best and the cutest couple, do you agree? GioGaara 44
would you live in Konoha x-xITACHIx-x 52
If Orochimaru brung back Nawaki, wuld Naruto be more interesting WorldRumor 37
what do you think of MASASHI KISHIMOTO? akangwowo 40
Hokage Royale (Who would Win!) WorldRumor 88
does dark naruto remind you of white ichigo rg1115 9
Who would win if pain & itachi faught to death ? Jhalok 75
Who will be 7th Hokage Naruto or Kakashi? kickass007 55
Who would win Itachi or Madara? HOOCHx 51
were should Naruto and Sasuke battle take place? cosmicNARUTO 76
Will madara find naruto on the island and battle him with sasuke? narutomj12 23
what is the truth power of madara jutsu that can catch jubi??? yuryu 24
Will Tobi activated Tsuki no me Keikaku??? yuryu 15
Can Tobi kill Orochimaru??? yuryu 25
which is hottest Koibito27 57
will naruto have a feeling for hinata after she confess? princess_nirvana 43
what happened to Obito's body? ObitoTheforgotten 70
if naruto sage mode teamed up with sasuke would it be enough to take down madara cadarian11 52
do you think sakuras usless rg1115 48
ANSWER THIS PLZ, if naruto went all ninetailed during sage mode would sasuke even compare Koibito27 95
what is karin doing now that shes at the leaf Koibito27 34
will naruto be the kage of all the villages Koibito27 27
will naruto be the kage of all the villages Koibito27 11
who is the strongest in the shippuden jayry 78
If you could create ur own Tailed demon what animal would it be? jayry 73