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Naruto Polls
Question Author Responses
Who would win in an all out battle between Itachi and Minato jayry 60
will sasuke be able to control ninetailed naruto with the mangekyou sharingan Koibito27 35
should naruto be able to talk to the 4th in his mind now that theres a new seal Koibito27 30
There should be a naruto arc where they show the fight between Hanzo and Pain Joelfer 27
your favorite character TheChosenNARUTO 60
What is the diamond sign on Uzumaki Mito's forehead use for? Aldrin93 42
itachi had the mark of rikkudo sennin on his neck, was he sennin? akangwowo 53
When Tobi 1st came on Naruto did you believe he was Obito ButterflyBomb 52
should sakura turn emo? secretninja703 18
would you like to have naruto filmed on holywood? akangwowo 22
after orochimaru, akatsuki (madara), do you want to see another strong enemy to naruto? akangwowo 39
which one's your favorite manga or anime rg1115 24
Will Naruto and Sakura admit their feelings for each other? keith101 39
Which combinations of kekkei genkai and technique is the strongest? rinn85 45
Are u getting tired of everyone thinking TOBI is Obito? He's Madara! peanutman7 36
Sasuke has Itachis eyes, Naruto fully cotrols 9tails powers who is stronger? SageNaruto 83
Madara=Obito=false revsethsmith 19
Sasuke in a body bag revsethsmith 28
Does Madara have power over time? revsethsmith 7
Who TOBI really is? nikoladzoni 64
how should sasuke go back to konoha ? cosmicNARUTO 67
Now that Naruto has separated the "mind"from the "chakra".. z-existence 47
Who will win? kkevin 43
How did you percieve Haku despite what the anime said about the character? Kris813 36
How much would you pay for a Naruto Bill? samo11 21
Is Madara using Obito's body? SwmXyooj 59
Was Uchiha Madara behind the Kyubi attack on Konoha? SwmXyooj 24
Best villain SwmXyooj 46
Uchiha vs Senju SwmXyooj 50
What do you love about Naruto? SwmXyooj 43
What do you hate about Naruto? SwmXyooj 64
What Do You Think The Ending Of Naruto Would Be sparkman62 89
Who thought Chuck Could beat Naruto? fosterchris1988 15
is it possible naruto to be the next Sage of the Six Paths ? Jericho93 68
Episode 167 was amazing revsethsmith 35
Do you think Naruto is ''Rikudo'' TekkenGod555 36
was last anime the worst ever? neofuuton 25
do you think we will see naruto and hinata discuss what hinata told him ? Jericho93 53
why does naruto had the wiskers when he was born ? Jericho93 44
so did anyone else notice how bad the animation was in episode 167? the1shadoworochimaru 63
Why does Naruto have whiskers? SwmXyooj 32
would it be cool if naruto was in call of duty modern warefare 2? secretninja703 20
did you laugh when the nine tails kept bashing pain with a rock? secretninja703 49
Is naruto vs pain what you expected ? Jericho93 33
episode 167 rocked ? Jericho93 27
Do you like the new art from Naruto Shippuuden 167! AdamKraus 30
Do You Think The Rematch Between Naruto And Sasuke Will Live Up To It's Hype NarutoKhirey2 64
What is the best Naruto Shippuuden Fight Ever NarutoKhirey2 56
AFTER READING MANGA 500 how you feel if i told you the guy behind the mask is not MADARA cosmicNARUTO 71
Do you think konharmru will learn to become a sage atiehomar97 36
What is with the art in Naruto shippuden 167? AkatsukiMadara 40
do u think that naruto is the next sage like the sage of the six path aminur 39
is it kool or not that the senju clan and the uzumaki clan are relatives aminur 43
Last naruto episode Mortensele 22
Is naruto anime standard getting low? neofuuton 20
Is naruto anime standard getting low? neofuuton 9
madara at his best vs. kakashi, itachi sasuke peanutman7 37
why does naruto like RAMEN very much? akangwowo 29