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Naruto Quizzes
Quiz Name Author
About Characters ana.deepblue
Characters Quiz (not for the faint of heart) coromba2k5
If you ever been on newground and type naruto, sure, take the quiz Narutolover909
quiz for pros Albay
Give Up! Sasuke Quiz elsaka
Easy Quiz Do It!! ilikegrapes
naruto quiz cursemark6
Sasuke's Hate Obitoistobi
LoL naruto is coll ChidoriBeat
narutos syameer99
Impossible 3 uchihasith
Different Naruto Quiz chriztamae
Do you know your sharingun ANBU_64
the real truth about naruto dman7231998
just answer it guys!!!! my first quiz ever tapp21
the ultimate akatsuki quiz NagatosPain
Do you know NagatosPain? NagatosPain
SASORI KUNNNNN!!!!!!!! YukiAkasunano
Ultimate Naruto Quiz soadbyob
About The Hokages And Konohagure... sharma
It is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!! Black_fox510117
the greatest naruto quiz dman1311
Akatsuki brianjonel
Naruto Shippuden: Akatsuki Arc zzaakki
Naruto Shippuden (Expert Quiz) andruh
Random Narichku
Ishie's Quiz Ishie_Ukina
Do you know Naruto??? narutotriforce
true or not true hein666
its easy u know samson123
to hard to complete hein666
Naruto! Naiiri
All About Sasuke (if you can perfect this I'm dead sure Sasuke will marry you) maille
A lil of Naruto plus History Facts MC-Wally
hardest quiz..no cheatin ! phill-23
Let´s see if you can pull it off :) brunopt
Hard but Not easy QUIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 s8720737d2
how much do u know naruto 2400lild
naruto fan quiz killva2601
Just my first quiz hikarimaeda
best naruto quiz raemon
Legit Naruto Quiz MajorWATCHMEN
how well do you know sasuke uchiha sasuke915
all about kakashi zangetsu84
NINJA QUIZ!!!!!!!!! alabasterboy
Brothers... BoRiShA
Second Quiz.. rustie725
Akatsuki Quiz (Fair) UchihaAssassin518
Uchiha Itachi Jyuubi-Jinchuuriki
quiz... fada
Naruto Quiz Sasuke-chan
Sasuke Sasuke-chan
ASUMA SARUTOBI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fada
ITACHI UCIHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fada
everything naruto kody25
how much you know saskue blackchidori123
If Shino Had a Sister... Kakashi-Lover
do you know what it means? jacob1898
a little quiz I would say easy faith_connors

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