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does anyone know how blackbeard can have 2 devil fruit powers ?
I mean i can understand having one devil fruit power, but for him to be able to take whitebeards power on top of his own darkness power he has. I thought before it was said that the body could not withstand more than one devil fruit power? If so then how is he able to accompany 2 of them. Idk i dont think its really fair on the part they have only allowed blackbeard to have.

by gorge158
Written: 2 years ago
Property: One Piece

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Many of thinks that his capability to acquire more than one devil fruit ability originated from his lineage "D". There is something mysterious about "D" that it is on par with the blank century when it comes to secrecy.

Posted by sempet 2 years ago

ahh ok yeh i didnt think of that

Posted by gorge158 2 years ago