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Believe it! The battle for Fandom!
HAHAHAH Orichimaru laughed, I have replaced Naruto Central with a new site! Now you will never be able to find your manga or anime again! Soon this domain shall die and I will rule all the internets

No way you snake!screams Naruto, and he uses his Rasengan. It fails and Oricimaru gets away. The site is lost. Kakashi sighs, Oh Naruto, you always run in and attack you need to learn to wait. Now lets go get Saske, I hear he is at a My Chemical Romance concert.

Damn that Orichimauru! says Naruto. He made Saske all Emo and stuff.

Oh shut up Naruto, says Sakura, and hits him.

You know what Sakura, says Naruto, I am like ten times stronger then you and have a friggin demon fox in me, next time you touch me, TOUCH ME, I will rip your big forehead off, got it?

Sakura cries and runs away

Naruto smiles.

by smokesup
Written: 4 years ago
Views: 1,540
Property: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!