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Hitman Reborn:Vongola 12th cronicles chapter 2: oh yeah,the vongola
ranma slowly tried to move out of reborns aim but where ever he went,so did the gun."hmmmmm you look like youre mother and grandmother,in other words a girly boy" reborn was sipping some tea and still had leon pointed at ranma."i guess so,yeah..." reborn looked up from his tea "wow, i have alot of work to do with you,just like youre grandfather" ranma's eyes lit up a little more than usual "granfather? so youre reborn the home tutor arent you? is grandfather coming home?!?" ranma asked,reborn simply noded his head, "eventually,there's something coming up soon,because of hayate getting sicker,youre generation has to move a bit faster than the previous two,thankfully these past three generations guardians have been confirmed quicker and quicker,you have youre family dont you?" ranma looked up at the ceiling and thoght for a moment "well,youre family is usually created by being compleatly accepted by freinds who youve natrally befreinded,currently theres hiromi,who's father is the current storm guardian and the first one in my family i goto for everything,then theres garasumaru,who's mom is the current rain guardian and she's usually the one who clams down the group when things get a little to heated between us,and kyofon,who acts only if it somehow hurts authority,his mom,the princibal is the cloud gardian of the current family,and ranbo the senior from italy,he came here 5 years ago but he's uncle lambo's son,so he fit in well,he's my lightning gardian cause even tho he's extremly lazy he can get the job done with some motivation,and ryo sasagawa,the wimpy desk nerd just like his father,but his mom has made him take mma lessons,but ive never seen him use them,thats all my closest friends"ranma had taken a deep breath,reborn looked at him "so wheres youre mist?" ugh,please dont mention him,he's more trouble than kyofon" reborn jumped off the table and kicked ranma in the face,ranma hit the floor" oww what you do that for!?!?!?" reborn opened the door and walked out saying "well one by one i will text you and youre gardians,and if you fail you wont participate in the ring battle with the already organized groups" ranma looked shocked "the what!?"

by rusho
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 1,371
Property: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!