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  1. Read first!
  2. Which is the best book in Harry potter?
  3. Agatha Christie anyone?
  4. A Series of Unfortuanate Events...
  5. Life, The Universe, and Everything
  6. The Prince of Tides
  7. Must read Book?
  8. What genre do you read?
  9. cornelia funke?
  10. James Patterson's books
  11. What book are you currently reading?
  12. Worst book that you have read?
  13. harry potter and the deathly hallows
  14. The Alphabet of Manliness
  15. What was your childhood favorite?
  16. Has the Harry Potter hype died down?
  17. Books on Philosophy?
  18. What's You Lexile Number?
  19. Anyone know good books of life lessons.
  20. Anyone know good books of life lessons.
  21. Reading Suggestions
  22. Terry Brooks anyone?
  23. White Knight: The newest book in The Dresden Files
  24. White Night: The lastest in The Dresden Files
  25. Sidney Sheldon any one?
  26. What is your favorite book so far?
  27. zombie survival guid
  28. fav author/s
  29. What books do you DESPISE?
  30. Harry Potter 7
  31. Vampire Books
  32. Beowulf - Some Help Please!
  33. What books do you LOVE!?
  34. What books have made you cry?
  35. Poems
  36. What books or short stories have creeped you out?
  37. Halo: Contact Harvest
  38. Cirque Du Freak
  39. what's your favorite type of story?
  40. Inheritance Cycle
  41. Night Watch/Day Watch/Twilight Watch A MUST READ
  42. Wuthering Heights
  43. Maximum Ride
  44. David Sedaris "Me Talk Pretty One Day"
  45. Nest must read: This present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness by Frank Peretti
  46. Self works
  47. Who has read "Webmage" or its sequel "Cybermancy"?
  48. Star Wars books!
  49. bad valentine story
  50. What Series...
  51. My Favourite Book
  52. Poems
  53. Where the night sleeps.
  54. COMICS!
  55. Book recommendation anyone?
  56. Favoirite Comic Book Villain(s)?
  57. Twilight Saga
  58. Foo
  59. Cirque du Freak
  60. Slaughterhouse 5
  61. Oppel, Kenneth
  62. Bartimaeus Trilogy
  63. Inheritance by Paolini
  64. Here's a MANLY book!
  65. Aristotle's books
  66. Looking for a book...
  67. A song of Ice and Fire
  68. For those who hate LOTR
  69. For all vampire fans
  70. I am reading the 'The Last Days of Krypton.'
  71. Catcher In the Rye
  72. House Of Night Series
  73. HOUSE OF NIGHT!!!! Info about the 'movie'
  74. Name of the Wind
  75. poems(translated from foreign languages)
  76. Do you read in the bathroom?
  77. What's your favorite fantasy book series?
  78. Wheel of Time chat thread
  79. comics...
  80. Death of Anne McCaffery