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  1. Third Graders plotted to Kill their teacher...
  2. 12-year old boy kills man for attacking his mom
  3. Beijing 2008
  4. A baby with 2 faces was born in India...
  5. Manhunt is on for father of three murdered Merritt children
  6. Teen guilty of 'thrill kill' murder, beheading
  7. A emo kid burned himself almost to death
  8. Guy gloats on youtube about infecting 1500 woman with hiv/aids
  9. Mail Carrier Saves Falling Baby
  10. A Girl goes to Japan to kill herself
  11. 'Offensive' car ornaments could net $60 fine
  12. Man imprisons daughter in cellar for 24 years!
  13. Billion Dollar Home
  14. Seal + Penguin = You Decide
  15. Teen plots to blow up school to get into heaven and kill Jesus
  16. official demoted after work computer records 780,000 hits on porn sites
  17. Disney's Children's Underwear Ad Raises Eyebrows...loli?
  18. Boy finally takes off jersey
  19. Woman Pregnant With "18th" Child
  20. 13 Year Old Steals Dad's Credit Card to Buy Hookers
  21. 500,000 in a week. Educate Yourself.
  22. Thousands Dead in China Earthquake
  23. California legalizes it
  24. Nintendo Tells Little Girl "She's Fat"!
  25. Clinton wins Kentucky, Obama nomination leader
  26. Microsoft got egged
  27. Teenager who called a cult 'a cult' vindicated.
  28. Anime insults Islam.
  29. Game Consoles Considered 'Dangerous'
  30. Tornadoes hit Iowa. 6 confirmed dead.
  31. Homeless Man Held in Alleged Moon Pie Attack
  32. Japanese woman caught living in man's closet
  33. Why California actually authorized Gay Marriage?
  34. New Teacher Sex Scandal in Florida AGAIN!!!
  35. Mike Detjen, of Little People Big World, Died Thursday
  36. Girl lies about age on Myspace, Men get arrested.
  37. Flood of 2008
  38. Japan, Seeking Trim Waists, Measures Millions
  39. Mozilla guns for Guinness world record with Firefox 3.0
  40. Former 'spam King' Must Pay MySpace $6 Million
  41. Woman Sat Dead in Front of TV for 42 Years
  42. Chinese are Black
  43. Gay brains are different
  44. George Carlin dead
  45. George Carlin dead at 71
  46. School Locked Down For Reported Ninja Sighting
  47. North Pole Could be Ice-Free This Summer
  48. Microsoft Says Goodbye To Bill Gates
  49. Teen girls at high school made pact to get pregnant
  50. Copycat Zodiac Killer in Fayetteville North Carolina
  51. Student gets credit for writing "f--- off" on an exam
  52. Amy Whinehouse punched fan
  53. Man auctions off his life, sale price disappoints
  54. Teacher Hearts Baseball So Much She Sleeps With Half The (Teenage) Team
  55. Jail for biting friend's nose off!
  56. Console wars heat up for 2008: Sony impresses, Microsoft surprises, Nintendo disappoi
  57. Man finds seven-inch knife in Subway sandwich
  58. North Korean Soldier Kills 53 Year old Woman
  59. Man stabs shoppers in Tokyo street, killing seven
  60. Is 'The Dark Knight' for Kids?
  61. Quinton Flynn (Iruka) & Jeff Nimoy (Naruto Season 1 Director) at Comic-Con!
  62. Wesrboro Baptist Church to Protest Ledger Funeral
  63. New York subway romance hits end of the line
  64. Piglet with monkey's face
  65. Fat Cat found.
  66. shia
  67. Israeli parents forget daughter at airport.
  68. Morgan Freeman is injured in car accident
  69. Bring on Batman 3
  70. Cloud Seeding in China Olympics.
  71. American Olympians wear Masks in Beijing
  72. Comedian Bernie Mac Dies at Age 50
  73. American murdered in Beijing
  74. Isaac Hayes dies at age 65
  75. Dark Knight' stays on top with $26M
  76. Hospital: Egyptian woman gives birth to septuplets
  77. Bomb blasts, threats, ambush and everything, name it!
  78. Is Avril Lavigne too sexy for Malaysia?
  79. 16-year-old drops out for Guitar Hero
  80. Researchers say numbers aren't needed to count
  81. Wisconsin couple each hit lottery - twice
  82. Blind Frenchman fined for drunk driving...
  83. Lone accountant takes on IRS and wins
  84. [Beijing Olympics News]Cuban Taekwondo Athlete Kicks Referee in the face
  85. `American Idol' adds DioGuardi as fourth judge
  86. 9-year-old boy told he’s too good to pitch
  87. Woman has 200 orgasms a day
  88. Rat meat in demand in Cambodia as inflation bites
  89. Winged cats discovered in western China
  90. 3 Dead in P-plater Crash in Riverton
  91. Japanese Prime Minister quits
  92. World's tallest building just got taller
  93. Mom spared death for microwaving baby
  94. Warehouse worker destroys LeBron at H-O-R-S-E
  95. Can `Dark Knight' compete with Oscar heavyweights?
  96. Green polar bear puzzle Japan zoo visitors
  97. Bad Cards Dealt To This Athlete
  98. Robot suits in Japan...
  99. Transformer glitch shuts down biggest atom smasher
  100. toonami
  101. Diamond found in Lesotho among largest ever
  102. Adobe releases Creative Suite 4 (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, etc)
  103. space elevator
  104. Teenaged Girl Talks Shit And Gets Punched For It
  105. Human breast milk in ice cream!?!? Wtf peta!?!?!?
  106. Boy, 7, Breaks Into Zoo, Kills Animals
  107. Aaahaha.
  108. Cambodian couple saw house in half in divorce
  109. Teacher Suspended for teaching kids Obama's a nigga
  110. Man Chews Through 15-lb. Burger
  111. A Women Who Took Justice Into Her Own Hands
  112. Families gather at mass murderer's parole hearing
  113. Online divorcee jailed after killing virtual hubby
  114. EU calling for global currancy ?
  115. Barack Obama our new president
  116. Man dies watching porn...LOL
  117. Teen who ran away over Xbox found dead in field
  118. Sarah Palin on "Africa?"
  119. Calls for Obama to be Impeached already
  120. Young couple swarmed by three teenage girls
  121. Teenager gets KO'd on gate night.
  122. 20 students suspended for kicking redheads
  123. Watchdog group praises games industry, criticizes parents
  124. Wal-Mart Employee Killed In Black Friday Stampede
  125. Naruto - Yahoo Top 10 Searches for 2008
  126. 9-Year-Old Writes Book on How to Talk to Girls
  127. Bucks Mom Slips Away from Major Sex Charges
  128. 15 year old dies from police fire
  129. Crowd rallies against atheist sign
  130. Top Gun's crackberry LOST in Toronto!
  131. Environmental fugitives get own most-wanted list
  132. GM going out of business if they get denied.
  133. Bush: Iraq war is not over, more work ahead
  134. Bush Dodges Shoes
  135. Canadian Man Builds Himself Robot Girlfriend
  136. A Few Blocks From My House
  137. a boy named 'Adolf Hitler'
  138. Hot 23-year old trainer blows teenage boys. Gets Arrested.
  139. Woman (age 29 with 10 kids)
  140. Robbery suspect left his address
  141. Disappointment Over Wii Gift Ends in Christmas Brawl
  142. Teens don't keep virginity pledges; pledgers use less birth control
  143. Kid Kills Mother Over Halo 3
  144. Adolf Hitler taken away from parents
  145. All 155 survive plane crash in NYC's Hudson River
  146. Israel War Crimes
  147. Frequent Masturbation May Prevent Prostate Cancer
  148. Old guys engage in MORTAL COMBAT
  149. President Obama
  150. Christian Bale Chews Out Crew Member
  151. Man arrested for having a public ménage a trois with blowup dolls.
  152. Putin dances to Abba
  153. Chris brown assualts Rihanna
  154. Meteor or Satellite ?
  155. Police shoot, kill chimp that attacked woman
  156. bristol palin: abstinence for teens "not realistic"
  157. Idiotic kid beats up kitten
  158. 13 Year old boy becomes a Father !!!
  159. Boy Killed Anally When Office Chair Explodes!
  160. Brazil's best job? Paint nude Carnival models
  161. Injured good Samaritan ticketed for jaywalking
  162. Palmare PlayStation Hidradenitis
  163. Chicago Man Arrested for Allegedly Targeting Obama With HIV-Infected Blood
  164. Man jailed after 'sex contract' with daughter.
  165. Obama urges longer school hours
  167. US 'cell assault' video released
  168. They're searching for Natalie Holloway again
  169. komodo dragons kill man
  170. World switches off to save planet in "Earth Hour"
  171. New Worm is a Hoax
  172. Cop sets woman on fire, arrests her for being on fire.
  173. NBA Teams pulls off April Fools prank
  174. 'Bailout' hits Domino's for 11,000 free pizzas
  175. 10-year-old boy died, by imitating Gaara?
  176. Bar Stool DUI
  177. One man's ambivalent retreat from his racist past
  178. Cosmic Hand Reaches for the Light
  179. US ships block help for pirates holding US captain
  180. Conman Hypnotises Jeweller and Steals £110,000 of Diamond Jewellery
  181. Pythons escape during flight in Australia
  182. Man tries to rob a salon, but only to end up a sex slave...
  183. Children Injured as Fair Ride Topples
  184. Florida teen got rocks in Nintendo DS box
  185. Babies switched at birth meet 56 years later
  186. An interesting way to get out of jury duty
  187. NOOOOOO Flaming is about to become a crime
  188. 13 year old is found not to be the father...
  189. The Royal Wii
  190. Fossil Ancestor of Humans and Primates Is 47 Million Years Old
  191. Neb. boy, 6, takes wheel after dad passes out
  192. Iraq-born teen cracks maths puzzle
  193. GM getting ready for bankruptcy
  194. David Carradine found dead in Bangkok
  195. Gundam in Tokyo Is SEXY
  196. Boy shot dead over video game row
  197. Texas Cop Tasers 72-Year-Old Woman
  198. Boy Hit by Meteorite
  199. A Very Costly Kiss: Senior Denied Diploma
  200. Barrel Monster Bust
  201. 700 NYC teachers are paid to do nothing
  202. Michael Jackson Dead.
  203. R.I.P Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett
  204. Billy Mays is dead(Oxyclean guy)
  205. Midget wrestlers 'may have been drugged'
  206. Success
  207. Officials: N. Korea believed behind cyber attacks
  208. US worker dies in chocolate vat
  209. NHS 'pleasure' leaflets for kids
  210. Pitetsbkrrh
  211. Rehab staff 'killed web addict
  212. Bold Penguin Gets "Custom" Wetsuit
  213. South African teen wins 800 amid gender-test flap
  214. Teen Driver Killed Trying to Save Petrol
  215. Govt threatens to cut Internet for online pirates
  216. U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy dies
  217. HULK discovers the power of friendship with Mickey Mouse.
  218. ALL CAPS emails lead to woman's firing
  219. Julius Andreas Gimli Arn MacGyver Chewbacka Highlander Elessar-Jankov
  220. University student kills burgler with samurai sword
  221. Water on the Moon
  222. Marge Goes playboy..
  223. News of the Day: Obama wins nobel prize
  224. News of the Day: Car turns like motorcycle
  225. News of the day: Home circumcision of 4-year-old ends in conviction
  226. MMO-MU High Rate Server
  227. lesson plans music elementary leahy b minor sheet music
  228. 21-year-old becomes youngest WSOP champion ever
  229. Swine Flu
  230. Man cries during mugshot
  231. Ukraine Mystery illness
  232. Large Hadron Collider
  233. Climategate
  234. The Obama Girl?
  235. Brittany Murphy is dead at 32....cardiac arrest.
  236. Coconut oil
  237. Russia may send spacecraft to knock away asteroid
  238. Man killed in fall into backyard fire pit in Phoenix
  239. Internet gamer helps block possible school shooting
  240. Hawaii blasts sirens, warning of possible tsunami
  241. Sony: "Do not use your PS3" until glitch is fixed
  242. Authorities bust 3 in infection of 13M computers
  243. Minority births on track to outnumber white births
  244. Somali pirates attempt attack on Dutch warship
  245. Biden drops the F-bomb on live TV during Obama's Health Care Reform victory speech
  246. Prodigy, 13, claims age discrimination by UConn
  247. Is carbon capture and sequestration feasible?
  248. Online Bingo Review
  249. OAP "knocked up" by her grandson...
  250. Queen Elizabeth is dead