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  1. Infraction for Smog: Perm Ban
  2. Infraction for Yartha: Multiple Account(s)
  3. Warning for savannah112x: Spaming
  4. Warning for savannah112x: Double posting
  5. Infraction for sakura_05: Signature Rule Violation
  6. Warning for Tookaipai: Creating Similar Threads
  7. Warning for Uchiha_Kina: Spaming
  8. Infraction for sikfearless0: Spaming
  9. Warning for tomgeniewang: Creating Similar Threads
  10. Warning for kyuubi14: Creating Thread in wrong section
  11. Infraction for pskbtch: Flamming Other Member(s)
  12. Infraction for pskbtch: Flamming Other Member(s)
  13. Warning for pskbtch: Double posting
  14. Warning for anthonybest: Off-Topic
  15. Warning for sasukelvl2chidori: Triple posting
  16. Warning for sasukelvl2chidori: Creating Similar Threads
  17. Warning for Bloodkid: Off-Topic
  18. Warning for pyro_flame22: Double posting
  19. Warning for sikfearless0: Off-Topic
  20. Warning for mako931: Creating Similar Threads
  21. Infraction for Naruto_Fox_Demon_417548: Spaming
  22. Infraction for Mystik: Spaming
  23. Warning for Mystik: Spaming
  24. Infraction for mirosang207: Double posting
  25. Infraction for mirosang207: Spaming
  26. Infraction for Naruto_Fox_Demon_417548: Spaming
  27. Ichigo Usaragi Ban
  28. Warning for gaarasawsome: Advertising
  29. Infraction for kimimaro0192: Flamming Other Member(s)
  30. Infraction for Mystik: Flamming Other Member(s)
  31. Infraction for kimimaro0192: Spaming
  32. Infraction for Costigc: Double posting
  33. Warning for Blade92: Creating Similar Threads
  34. Warning for shiki-fuujin: Double posting
  35. Infraction for Shikamaru: Flamming Other Member(s)
  36. Infraction for pyro_flame22: Double posting
  37. Infraction for Shikamaru: Inappropriate Language
  38. Warning for cyrus: Spaming
  39. Warning for ryacharming: Spaming
  40. Warning for cyrus: Spaming
  41. Warning for v1etguy08: Creating Similar Threads
  42. Warning for v1etguy08: Advertising
  43. Warning for hotme5566: Advertising
  44. Warning for burninggrey: Advertising
  45. Warning for BustaBust: Creating Similar Threads
  46. Warning for tomgeniewang: Triple posting
  47. Warning for mashadow: Double posting
  48. Warning for andrew22: Double posting
  49. Infraction for andrew22: Double posting
  50. Warning for andrew22: Spaming
  51. Warning for thutz01: Advertising
  52. Warning for karate1kid: Creating Similar Threads
  53. Multi Ban
  54. Infraction for kyuubi360: Double posting
  55. Warning for Xenos: Quad posting and up
  56. Warning for rokudaime-hokage: Double posting
  57. Warning for pyro_flame22: Double posting
  58. Warning for narutofox1821: Advertising
  59. Perm Ban
  60. Warning for garra.: Off-Topic
  61. Infraction for Vanity: Spaming
  62. Infraction for G.Money: Spaming
  63. Infraction for v1etguy08: Flamming Other Member(s)
  64. Infraction for shiki-fuujin: Quad posting and up
  65. Warning for kaiden: Advertising
  66. Infraction for kaiden: Inappropriate Content/Nudity
  67. Infraction for kaiden: Inappropriate Content/Nudity
  68. Infraction for Bloodkid: Double posting
  69. Warning for JustPimpin: Spaming
  70. Warning for Kyubbi freak 136: Spaming
  71. Warning for cookiedough: Off-Topic
  72. Warning for shiki-fuujin: Double posting
  73. Infraction for shiki-fuujin: Double posting
  74. Infraction for shiki-fuujin: Double posting
  75. Warning for jdog933: Off-Topic
  76. Warning for jdog933: Double posting
  77. Warning for jdog933: Triple posting
  78. Infraction for Naruto.Haruno: Illegal Content
  79. Infraction for Magister: Creating Similar Threads
  80. Infraction for gibigbig: Off-Topic
  81. Warning for G O D U C H I H A: Double posting
  82. Infraction for G O D U C H I H A: Double posting
  83. Infraction for G O D U C H I H A: Double posting
  84. Infraction for G O D U C H I H A: Double posting
  85. Warning for G O D U C H I H A: Spaming
  86. Infraction for G O D U C H I H A: Flamming Other Member(s)
  87. Infraction for Shakra1: Spaming
  88. Warning for Magister: Spaming
  89. Warning for Magister: Spaming
  90. Infraction for jdog933: Double posting
  91. Warning for shiki-fuujin: Creating Similar Threads
  92. Infraction for kidmac1: Flamming Other Member(s)
  93. Infraction for shiki-fuujin: Double posting
  94. Infraction for karate1kid: Creating Similar Threads
  95. Warning for revsethsmith: Creating Similar Threads
  96. Infraction for badmax: Double posting
  97. Warning for revsethsmith: Creating Similar Threads
  98. Infraction for Magister: Spaming
  99. Warning for doodlebob202: Double posting
  100. Warning for naruto324: Double posting
  101. Infraction for Tookaipai: Spaming
  102. Warning for Xei: Spaming
  103. Warning for kakome: Signature Rule Violation
  104. Infraction for DGLG: Spaming
  105. Infraction for karate1kid: Spaming
  106. Infraction for gibigbig: Double posting
  107. Warning for Magister: Spaming
  108. Infraction for karate1kid: Spaming
  109. Infraction for karate1kid: Spaming
  110. Warning for 無秩序: Signature Rule Violation
  111. Infraction for Magister: Spaming
  112. Infraction for DGLG: Spaming
  113. Infraction for AkatsukiHunter: Flamming Other Member(s)
  114. Warning for kakome: Spaming
  115. Warning for JustPimpin: Spaming
  116. Infraction for JustPimpin: Inappropriate Content/Nudity
  117. Warning for xiangming: Creating Similar Threads
  118. Infraction for retardthe2nd: Double posting
  119. Infraction for Eiketsu: Creating Similar Threads
  120. Warning for HinataFanX: Signature Rule Violation
  121. Warning for Costigc: Triple posting
  122. Warning for Magister: Topping
  123. Warning for HinataFanX: Off-Topic
  124. Infraction for ino11: Spaming
  125. Infraction for Magister: Spaming
  126. Warning for ElementalNinja 19: Spaming
  127. Warning for doodlebob202: Spaming
  128. Infraction for shadow_moon: Double posting
  129. Warning for osephpinoy29: Creating Thread in wrong section
  130. Infraction for xiangming: Advertising
  131. Infraction for TheGhettoShinobi: Inappropriate Content/Nudity
  132. Infraction for TheGhettoShinobi: Creating Similar Threads
  133. Warning for minako2023: Creating Similar Threads
  134. Infraction for dEcCrIx: Signature Rule Violation
  135. Warning for assualt-king: Double posting
  136. Warning for assualt-king: Topping
  137. Warning for gibigbig: Spaming
  138. Infraction for Ithink82: Advertising
  139. Warning for Costigc: Creating Thread in wrong section
  140. Infraction for SpaceMarine: Flamming Other Member(s)
  141. Warning for Beikoku Rikujin: Double posting
  142. Warning for kimimaro0192: Spaming
  143. Infraction for Beikoku Rikujin: Double posting
  144. Warning for ultimateGunner2: Spaming
  145. Warning for sango208: Topping
  146. Warning for backgroundc52: Spaming
  147. Infraction for ultimateGunner2: Flamming Other Member(s)
  148. Infraction for brandoi: Spaming
  149. Infraction for retardthe2nd: Spaming
  150. Warning for Hokagearqadi: Advertising
  151. Infraction for Magister: Inappropriate Content/Nudity
  152. Warning for SeLwhore: Off-Topic
  153. Warning for Uchiha_Kina: Off-Topic
  154. Warning for itachiuchiha: Off-Topic
  155. Warning for Nexus: Spaming
  156. Warning for FireDragon: Spaming
  157. Warning for Nexus: Spaming
  158. Warning for gibigbig: Off-Topic
  159. Warning for Nexus: Spaming
  160. Infraction for Athreal: Double posting
  161. Infraction for Fire ninja: Spaming
  162. Warning for chapsi: Off-Topic
  163. Infraction for ozzy991: Advertising
  164. Infraction for RasenganAcv2: Off-Topic
  165. Warning for LordKraven: Creating Similar Threads
  166. Infraction for itatchiX99: Spaming
  167. Warning for i_luv_u_tom: Double posting
  168. Infraction for i_luv_u_tom: Perm Ban
  169. Warning for nightmareprotocol: Double posting
  170. Warning for shiki-fuujin: Spaming
  171. Infraction for ino11: Signature Rule Violation
  172. Warning for shinovsnaruto: Topping
  173. Warning for CoolChick: Spaming
  174. Warning for kimimaro0192: Spaming
  175. Warning for sakura_05: Spaming
  176. Warning for ICEman26: Creating Similar Threads
  177. Warning for shiki-fuujin: Spaming
  178. Infraction for Smeeeeee: Spaming
  179. Infraction for shiki-fuujin: Spaming
  180. Warning for dirk667: Double posting
  181. Warning for Shikamaru2007: Creating Similar Threads
  182. Warning for Shakra1: Creating Thread in wrong section
  183. Infraction for retardthe2nd: Double posting
  184. Warning for MikeyM1979: Spaming
  185. Infraction for doodlebob202: Spaming
  186. Infraction for sakura_05: Spaming
  187. Infraction for brandoi: Flamming Other Member(s)
  188. Infraction for doodlebob202: Spaming
  189. Infraction for Uchiha Prodigy 12: Flamming Other Member(s)
  190. Warning for Uchiha Prodigy 12: Double posting
  191. Infraction for dirk667: Double posting
  192. Warning for akokita: Creating Similar Threads
  193. Warning for Pink Genocide: Off-Topic
  194. Warning for 9tailsliondemon: Creating Similar Threads
  195. Infraction for garra.: Off-Topic
  196. Warning for Shizune98: Triple posting
  197. Warning for Dynafrom: Creating Similar Threads
  198. Warning for trembaly: Creating Similar Threads
  199. Warning for Dezmand: Creating Similar Threads
  200. Warning for Shikamaru2007: Spaming
  201. Infraction for G.Money: Spaming
  202. Infraction for Shikamaru2007: Spaming
  203. Infraction for Shikamaru2007: Stealing
  204. Infraction for bluedagger: Advertising
  205. Infraction for dirk667: Double posting
  206. Infraction for yume: Spaming
  207. Warning for kyoribuki: Double posting
  208. Warning for frankdatank: Creating Similar Threads
  209. Infraction for rocker13: Spaming
  210. Warning for Saruto: Spaming
  211. Warning for mosuke_tatsuya: Creating Thread in wrong section
  212. Warning for narutoiscool: Creating Similar Threads
  213. Infraction for Uchiha_Kina: Advertising
  214. Infraction for Keldarain: Flamming Other Member(s)
  215. Warning for Dark Shuriken: Spaming
  216. Warning for narutoiscool: Creating Thread in wrong section
  217. Infraction for sasuke173: Inappropriate Content/Nudity
  218. Infraction for dirk667: Triple posting
  219. Infraction for Koga Boshizu: Spaming
  220. Warning for Naruto_Fox_Demon_417548: Spaming
  221. Warning for 9tailsliondemon: Creating Similar Threads
  222. Infraction for 9tailsliondemon: Off-Topic
  223. Infraction for 9tailsliondemon: Double posting
  224. Infraction for v1etguy08: Creating Similar Threads
  225. Infraction for shiki-fuujin: Spaming
  226. Warning for njreader2: Creating Similar Threads
  227. Warning for akokita: Double posting
  228. Infraction for digital_liquid21: Double posting
  229. Infraction for gibigbig: Spaming
  230. Infraction for gibigbig: Spaming
  231. Infraction for JustPimpin: Flamming Other Member(s)
  232. Warning for digital_liquid21: Double posting
  233. Warning for kimnoa: Spaming
  234. Infraction for Navash-Kun: Double posting
  235. Infraction for Firelarke: Double posting
  236. Infraction for Vizard Killer: Flamming Other Member(s)
  237. Warning for Emo Ninja: Off-Topic
  238. Infraction for hyuga neji-san: Spaming
  239. Infraction for Tookaipai: Spaming
  240. Infraction for Seal_master: Spaming
  241. Warning for mosuke_tatsuya: Spaming
  242. Warning for Athreal: Signature Rule Violation
  243. Infraction for Athreal: Spaming
  244. Infraction for mosuke_tatsuya: Spaming
  245. Infraction for mosuke_tatsuya: Spaming
  246. Infraction for danielabda: Double posting
  247. Infraction for shiki-fuujin: Spaming
  248. Infraction for retardthe2nd: Double posting
  249. Warning for Naruto_Akatsuki_demon: Double posting
  250. Warning for hyuga neji-san: Double posting