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  1. Naruto Funny commercial/buy sword
  2. ANBU Naruto?
  3. New episodes, far more better than Manga!
  4. The level of ninja
  5. Monkey Hand Seal messed up!
  6. intros and outros
  7. Your a new ninja in Konoha who would you want to be like?/What jutus would you use?
  8. Summons for Hokages
  9. Do You Like Naruto Grown Up?
  10. Shooting Star
  11. side story
  12. Naruto Shippuden question?
  13. Naruto Shippuden Music?
  14. I've found a site that has all the naruto episodes for free download(must read)
  15. This Is The Funniest Naruto Pic Ever!!
  16. Who do you think would win in this three way fight!
  17. Deidara's left eye!
  18. The Cast Voices Of Naruto(must See)
  19. Naruto Online Game
  20. Ideas...
  21. Puppets...
  22. Who's the fairest character on the show?
  23. Who will get laid first
  24. real cast
  25. test your naruto knowledge^^
  26. Naruto Shippuden!
  27. naruto Knowledge test part 2
  28. kakashi without a mask
  29. Something realistic from naruto
  30. Naruto Favorite Characters
  31. Favorite Character Poll
  32. Which Team Is Your Favorite ??
  33. Create a Character...
  34. Rasengan
  35. Check This Out...
  36. Chakra
  37. Summoning Jutso?
  38. Naruto BDay Dates
  39. Who would you want to be with if you were Naruto?
  40. Seals
  41. Wich Episode is your favorite??
  42. Naruto and Kyuubi power
  43. This Is Cool...
  44. naruto is for me!
  45. Things That would never happen
  46. Most hated Character
  47. New poster
  48. Itachi and Kisame
  49. New Naruto Movie Ideas
  50. people that like being spoilers no time to watch seris but need info on it
  51. best episode of naruto
  52. if you could be any naruto charecter who would it be
  53. Itachi V.S world
  54. Naruto Shippuuden Music
  55. garra vs shino
  56. Favorite Akatsuki Member?
  57. Which Kekkei Genkai would you choose?
  58. Greatest technique used for cheating
  59. Greatest Techniques
  60. which is your favorite sannin?
  61. what song fits each character
  62. Funniest Naruto PIc Ever!! Must see, these guys are crazy
  63. Your Own Bloodline...
  64. Naruto filler -- when did it end?
  65. Zetsu
  66. naruto card game
  67. Nature Manipulation
  68. Connection to Masashi Kishimoto
  69. What's kinjutsu?
  70. How would you prefer Shippuuden to start
  71. No elements
  72. Does anyone has any leads on Uchiha Madara?
  73. Is it Getting Boring Here???
  74. what rank would you say the genins are?
  75. Vehicles/transport?
  76. Naturo rules!!!!
  77. I don't know how to use this well sorry.
  78. I'm doing something wrong I th
  79. naruto shippuuden episode 6-7
  80. Becoming a Jounin
  81. What happened to that Turtle?
  82. What happened to that Turtle?
  83. the timeskip training.
  84. The Ninja Ranks
  85. Naruto - Chuunin Exams
  86. what's life w/o it..???
  87. blonde....naruto?...azian?
  88. is it true ??
  89. Who Watch Naruto on TV?
  90. Who here Cosplay Naruto
  91. Naruto Merchandise Stores & Other Stores
  92. If you could have any Spirt Monster inside you what would it be?
  93. Cool Puppets...
  94. Tailed beast
  95. what would it be?
  96. How Many
  97. Naruto and a Monkey??
  98. KakaTsun
  99. Tsuande as naruto's unofficial adopted mother?
  100. Naruto Guide Book
  101. Rock Lee Academy Graduation
  102. Could clones have babies?
  103. My Very First Naruto Theory
  104. a sharingan theory
  105. Did you ever felt any chakra in your body while you trying to do a Jutsu or Summing?
  106. guest appearance fron other anime...
  107. what's ur fav naruto ep
  108. Naruto plot
  109. Naruto Theme Park Ideas(Not Real)
  110. "Naruto's Death" [Naruto Movie 4]
  111. The "I Dislike Naruto Uzumaki" Thread
  112. Who's the best Ninjutsu user?
  113. If you were given a chance, which Naruto Character would you fight and team up with?
  114. Popular IRC channel about Naruto. Do you know any ? TELL US !
  115. The Ultimate Defense
  116. How to make a Naruto costume from scratch?
  117. Naruto Lyrics
  118. About genjutsu
  119. Naruto Weird
  120. Character side-stories
  121. Legend of the Gallant Jiraiya
  122. What If Anko Was From The Hyuuga clan?
  123. Higher Chakra Capacity
  124. Requisite Structuring
  125. How about a Naruto Birthday quiz?
  126. The Most Unfair Character
  127. Naruto The Movie in Movie Theaters
  128. Question
  129. Another Your favorite naruto character?!
  130. Orochimaru Gay? Yes/No Maybe
  131. Is Itachi innocent?
  132. Uzumaki Naruto in 10 years time
  133. Spoiler!!!
  134. Spoilers: What I cannot wait for!
  135. Obito tobi -- again , i know --
  136. Question about Sasuke
  137. Is Shippuuden Better than the Original??
  138. Where do you usually download your Naruto anime?
  139. Naruto Evolution - New Jutsus?
  140. your favourite konoha sensai
  141. hay
  142. Naruto's New Weapon
  143. Whos The Hottest In Naruto World?
  144. Gaara Piccys
  145. A question about chakra
  146. Haku!!
  147. Is the Naruto world inhumane and taboo?????
  148. How come no shippuuden episode this week?
  149. Naruto Shippuden 4 Movie
  150. Movie 4 predictions
  151. Funny Naruto Animated GIFs
  152. Lame jutsus
  153. _____x_______?
  154. Do you think Saskue can kill Itachi?
  155. On the subject of Sakura...
  156. Kishi dumping Naruto for Gangster Manga?
  157. 5th hokage lovers
  158. Post ur fav naruto chibi
  159. New naruto the 4th movie preview
  160. Completely Random Picture I found. *Warning 16+*
  161. Could Naruto be Yondaime?
  162. Naruto vs sasuke
  163. who is the dumbest naruto character ever
  164. is susuke a phaget
  165. Fillers
  166. whos stronger Jiraiya or Orochimaru
  167. Who's the best Hokage
  168. What Naruto chars would never say
  169. Fanfiction: The Arashi Chronicles
  170. Strongest Character - Itachi {Excluding AL}
  171. 8 trigram 64 palms vs. chidori, which is stronger?
  172. Naruto Desktop Themes
  173. whos narutos mother?!!
  174. could the leader or the akatsuki chick be from the uzumaki clan?
  175. Akatsuki leader revealed!
  176. Seeing as DBZ has much influence on Kishi and Naruto..
  177. Episode Discussion #20...etc
  178. Who does Naruto respect and admire the most?Who does he feel closest to?Vice Versa
  179. Which one is more broken?
  181. what is your best naruto person
  182. who's hotter?
  183. Do You Think Naruto Will Rescue SASUKE!!!!
  184. could naruto become the next yellow flash?
  185. Rasengan Styles
  186. WANTED: Naruto Animation Book 3 scan
  187. life after akatsuki
  188. OLDER naruto episodes and much more
  189. Who would you rather see in action?
  190. Wizard World Chicago: New Naruto Action Figures
  191. The Story of Uchiha Madara and his Clan.
  192. Obito Is Tobi?
  193. best of 3
  194. Do you think if orbitto was still alive, itachi would of ben able to kill has clan?
  195. Will the remaining 4 swordsman of the mist make an appearence?
  196. Naruto's Rasengan vs. Neji's Rotation?
  197. Naruto cool picture
  198. What's your real thoughts on Naruto Uzumaki?
  199. uchiha vs. hyuuga
  200. Why Orochimaru left akatsuki
  201. the coolest jutsu
  202. the most hated character.
  203. Manga or anime
  204. the coolest ninja
  205. TOBI!!
  206. if itachi wasn't born
  207. vgcats- naruto strip
  208. bunshins
  209. hey guys
  210. naruto movie 4
  211. the uzumaki clan?
  212. j/w naruto's father {possible spoilers}
  213. Most powerful people in Naruto.
  214. so whos the best?????? (guy)
  215. Newb Question about Naruto
  216. whos the most liked??? (male, genin)
  217. is naruto gonna die?
  218. So what's the latest part of the series you've seen???
  219. shippuden
  220. i wish you were here...
  221. Hey everyone some questions here
  222. naruto music
  223. which of these jounins do you like the best????
  224. Your fav tailed beast
  225. who is ur fav. girl and boy charcter and who would be the cutest cupple
  226. hypothetical answers anybody??!!
  227. Why name the show 'Naruto'
  228. Why do you watch/read it?
  229. Saddest Person in Naruto
  230. sharingan, bunshin and jutsu
  231. Is it true ?
  232. So, who Thinks Kishimoto went crazy?
  233. a question need to be answered plz
  234. for shikamaru and ino fans
  235. Possible but weak evidence Naruto will marry Hinata
  236. another question ?
  237. Your own Jutsu and what type?
  238. Naruto Timeskip Storyline
  239. akatsuki partner
  240. The Naruto Series.
  241. Naruto's blood line: Kitsugan
  243. Orochimaru facts
  244. Ages in Naruto
  245. How to make an akatsuki outfit
  246. anyone plz
  247. What do you think is under kakashi's mask, that doesn't let him show his face?
  248. What are the Rasengan hand signs?
  249. Anybody Noticed This?
  250. NARUTO SHIPPUDEN 1 ?question?