View Full Version : Hybrid game/favorite character thread.

03-26-2006, 08:44 PM
Okay this is how it goes i want to know who your favorite Naruto and Bleach character is so Post just like this.

^ - Second favorite character.

< - 1st favorite character and some info.

V - A taunt of how my favorite character will kill the next poster's.

So the next person who posts will do similar like this.

^ - Naruto deals with talking frogs please....

< - But Chad loves his Abuelo's coin.

V - He would still crush you with his Spirit Arm (?)

So heres my post.

^ - Hopefully Gaara doesn't fall asleep, Otherwise you'll deal with Shukaku.

< - You might see your first naked woman if your around Yoruichi.

V - You might die of shock meeting your first talking cat.

P.S. If your not gonna play just put NP before your post meaning (Not Playing.)