View Full Version : Fan Club Section Rules

08-04-2006, 01:29 PM
- Members are free to join as many fanclubs as they wish.

- All members must list the fanclubs they are in in their signatures or else that member will not count towards those fan clubs. We will do prediodic checks.

- Owners are to make sure that their members carry either the club banner or the title of the fanclub somewhere in their signatures. if the Owner notices that a member does not carry the fc then it is up to him or her to get that member to put it in,We will do prediodic checks if this is not done it could cause the fan club to be closed.

- Owners of a fanclub must put their status in their signature.

- A list of set rules and a member list must be kept in the first post of the fan club.

- A fanclub must have 8 members. the list must be updated often, if a member does not post in a fan club for more then a month their name must be removed from the club members list.

- To become an official fanclub, you must meet all the rules and requirements and file a request.

//rule update: fanclub limit lifted. --sugoi