View Full Version : What the... why did that dude close my board? we have the right to discuss anything.

10-04-2006, 07:45 AM
u might have the power to close my board but u had no right...

u are abusing ur power... and u did not sound nice when u closed my board o.o... who made u admin?

10-04-2006, 10:35 AM
And it's also not your forum to control. They are allowed to administrate it as they see fit.

if you're going to claim that at least post a link along with it.

lastly, don't double post, cuz it'll get you in more trouble.

I just looked at your topic, and i agree with 6n6's action. The topic was finished, there was no more need to discuss is, and you were getting off topic and becoming a can o' spam.

and that's just 6n6's style...you'll get used to it.