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| | Hiro | |
10-26-2006, 11:44 AM
Ok this is how the game works, you must think of 2 crazy questions and the next poster MUST pick one of them It has to be crazy/nasty/gross questions

Example: Would rather be in jailed for 1 year or eat your pet, and the next user asnwers one of them.

So here mine.

Would you rather eat 7 year expired old large beef or be locked up in a cage with a angry physical type of womem for 3 hours?

10-27-2006, 12:26 AM
i would rather eat the 7 year expired old large beef >.>

Ok, my turn:

Would you rather put a baby through a wood-chipper or run a baby over with a steam-roller?

10-27-2006, 12:35 AM
omg you make me choosE?! id do both! id say wood chipper though, more splatter.

Would you rather french-kiss a dog who just licked his own crotch, or eat a regurjitated cockroach?

10-27-2006, 12:36 AM
eat a regurjitaed cockroach

Would you rather push a baby off a cliff into a ravine with spikes at the bottom or push a baby of the Empire state building?

10-27-2006, 01:48 AM
spikes, again more gruesome and cool (plus, stop with the dead baby crap ln, lol)

Hmm... Eat a human stomach raw or Sleep on a bed of week-dead skunks?

10-27-2006, 01:49 AM

eat an entire ant farm or one giant beetle?

10-27-2006, 01:51 AM
1 giant beetle, ants would crawl back up, too small to kill that many in a couple bites.

Chew glass or needles?

10-27-2006, 01:52 AM
glass >.>.......

eat nails or get shot at by nails? XD

10-27-2006, 01:54 AM
shot at, theres that implication they could miss <.<

Stab your fingertip through the nail with a pin, or suck on a cow eye?

10-27-2006, 02:28 AM
cow eye >.>;......XD

listen to 50 cent songs for 24 hrs straight or jump a car off a cliff at 200 MPH

10-27-2006, 02:35 AM
car, that way I'd at least have fun before I die <.< (LOL)

(specifically for OG since she's the only one I could see replying)

Go on a date with Takuro or Hisashi from Glay? XD Only 1!!! :o

10-27-2006, 02:41 AM
Hisashi is teh smex XD.......also he's a funny guy XP

rape a hobo or rape a tiger >.>;.......

10-27-2006, 02:43 AM
tiger. He wouldnt smell as bad, and sometimes scratches are hot o.o He also wouldnt have puke chunks in his beard <.<

Kiss a baboon or kiss SC? (personally I dont see the difference) LOL jk, I joke I joke lol. *hopes sc wont take offense* lol

10-27-2006, 02:48 AM
well SC is a monkey after all XD......lmao

err SC since i know if that did happen, he'd leave me alone about the pic XD

scream "I'm gonna kill you" with a gun point at president bush or be osama bin laden's slave >.>.......XD

10-27-2006, 02:50 AM
who wouldnt threaten bush?! even with the concequences its SO worth it...

anyway, that was an easy one.

Climb back into your mothers uterus, or eat your sister's for lunch? (omg EW where did I think of that?!)

10-27-2006, 02:52 AM
mother XD.......

kill a bad guy who as killed his family[total of 4] or kill a kid who has killed his entire class [like 30]

10-27-2006, 02:59 AM
thats tough, but because im halfway in the same boat, I'd kill the guy.

Wear a bikini made of dog fur, or eat eggs left on the counter for 3 days?

10-27-2006, 03:00 AM
eat the eggs...

get bitten by a cobra, or get kissed by a gorrilla...?

10-27-2006, 03:01 AM
cobra, i know how to handle it better (hence herpotology home studies) lol

edit: also, I would like to keep the cobra after. Also just realized I forgot a situation.

Eat mcdonalds for a month, or eat spray cheese through your nose (the entire can)?

10-27-2006, 03:05 AM
macdonalds XD.....supersize me?O.o......XD

each tacos full of flies or each burritos full of maggots? [all alive XD]

10-27-2006, 03:08 AM
flies, at least they wont eat my flesh as badly... <.<

Destroy all of mankind, or all of animalkind (as in everything but humans)?

10-27-2006, 03:09 AM

give up anime or gaming?

10-27-2006, 03:11 AM

give up anime or gaming?

omg... i SO can't answer that! geez, I guess... anime because i love my games too much to give up... but I feel the same way about anime, but... dammit all! fine anime, but im not happy bout it...

same thing to you <.<

10-27-2006, 03:14 AM
lmao that's why i said it XD.....
gaming >.>....cause i dont have to do as much XD [ish THAT lazy x.x]

give up sweets forever or meat forever......

10-27-2006, 03:17 AM
sweets. I'm too big a meat fan. (ate 10 animals in 1 day at a family bbq : D)

lets see... Get a perm tattoo on your face of a naked lady, or pierce every pierceable place on your body?

10-27-2006, 03:19 AM
tattoo XD....

try to talk to a bear without restraints or live in the sewer for 24 hrs.....

[gots to go cya XP]

10-27-2006, 03:22 AM
tattoo XD....

try to talk to a bear without restraints or live in the sewer for 24 hrs.....

[gots to go cya XP]

bear, the sewer would smell too bad. At least if I didn't threaten the bear in any way he wouldn't be prone to attack.

[I'm off to watch ep 207 as well, so i'm also off lol.]

lick the kitchen floor clean, or lick the dirty dishes clean?

10-27-2006, 04:42 AM
Dirty Plate, because it has more nutrition than the floor.


Kill a new born human baby or Kill yourself and your lover

10-27-2006, 05:14 AM
New Born...



Screw a dead body or Skined alive then slowly burned to death?


10-27-2006, 11:21 PM
dead body XD......

lick a hobo guy's neck 5 times or french kiss a rat for 1 minute?

10-27-2006, 11:33 PM
Lick the hobo. Rats have black plague >.>

Eat a cow while its still alive, or Milk a 128 yr old camboadian pensioner

10-28-2006, 12:58 AM
I'll eat the cow.....<_<


10-28-2006, 12:59 AM
i know neither of them, but i'm familiar with the type of shiza they've done here >.>

kill swirly <.<

would you rather:
A) live among a pack of wild baboons armed with machetes?
B) have an elephant sit on your head for 100 days straight?

10-28-2006, 12:25 PM
A, because I could train the baboons into my own personal army. :cool:
Would you rather:
A) Make fun of an armed serial killer or
B) Kick George Bush in the crotch and wait for the Secret Service to come kill you

10-28-2006, 12:27 PM
B) <---- it's worth it >.>

Would you rather:
A) hunt an elephant with a broken stick?
B) attack a tank with a wad of gum and a firecracker?

10-28-2006, 12:59 PM
Hunt an elephant with a broken stick. There's always the chance that the elephant won't feel the stick and you can just go home alive. >.<
Would you rather:
A) Walk through lava or
B) Pick a fight with a bunch of ninjas?

10-28-2006, 03:52 PM
pick a fight >.>........i can win that one >.>.......<.<......>.>.....

fight a bear or a gorilla >.>......[no weapons involved]

10-28-2006, 03:57 PM
a gorilla.....

Ino cosplay or Nude pic. o_0

10-28-2006, 03:58 PM
Ino Cosplay

Live with emos for the rest of your life or live with MJ

10-28-2006, 03:59 PM
Live with emos cuz you cant kill MJ

Pie or Cake. O_O

10-28-2006, 04:04 PM
pie....cake is too sweet x.x

seafood or farm animals?O.o

edit: 6n6, i thought u'd go for the nude pic for sure XD

10-28-2006, 04:06 PM
seafood ftw

show me the i-no cosplay pic now or show me the i-no cosplay pic now

10-28-2006, 04:08 PM
edit: 6n6, i thought u'd go for the nude pic for sure XD

Nude I-no cosplay <.<

show it now <.<

DO it nekid do it un-nekid

10-28-2006, 04:12 PM
6n6- hey u didnt play the game XD......infraction?O.o......XD

ramirex-there's only one choice, choice c which is to show the pic later XD

drink the blood of a donkey or of an elephant >.>.....political references?O.o

10-29-2006, 08:25 AM
Donkey, poor elephants =(.

Rape someone or get raped.

10-29-2006, 08:34 AM
Get raped by Crissy Moran <.< >.>

Murder your family + friends or get analy raped for the rest of your life. <.<

10-29-2006, 10:26 AM
Murder my family + friends <.<

Would you rather:
A) watch infomercials for the rest of your life
B) get torn apart atom by atom

10-29-2006, 11:16 AM
O_O A)...

39) Would you rather have a slaving slutty biotch girlfriend/boyfriend
87) Have one thats scared to do anything and freaks about about everything you do cause you could die somehow someway

10-29-2006, 05:39 PM
O_O 39)

1) would you rather be aneled for the rest of your lief
or if you are a girl
Q) rather be my e-gf

10-29-2006, 05:43 PM
^ that didnt make sense to me... so I'll answer dsm's since ino didnt.

since ive had the craptacular relationships for years, I'll go with the scaredy freak.

Have a maggoty cereal for breakfast or sleep outside in antarctica, with no cover?

10-29-2006, 05:46 PM
I have had the cearl and I did I answered 39!

a) be my online gf (if you are a girl)
Q) Be gay with Hinata

10-29-2006, 05:47 PM
oh my bad, but your choices didnt make sense to me either.

Also, come up with a new one with every post <.< its not as confusing that way :p

Kiss Gai or kiss Orochimaru :p

10-29-2006, 05:56 PM
kiss baki! that's a crazy choice!!

10-29-2006, 05:58 PM
did not put a question so i'll do mooch's

orochimaru <3s.....:D

watch pokemon or digimon for the rest of your life? O.o

10-29-2006, 06:01 PM

Watch one episode of Barney or let MJ touch you?

10-29-2006, 06:03 PM
barney >.>;....[though im sure he will touch me if i had to watch a live taping XD]

give up music or tv?

10-29-2006, 06:03 PM

Watch one episode of Barney or let MJ touch you?

dear god, tough choice... but i think ill go with barney <.<

@sol: already pretty mcuh gave up tv, so ill go with that one.

drink a glass of eyeball juice or watch mj poledance and strip?

10-29-2006, 06:04 PM
The juice... o.o

Eat whale blubber or kangaroo balls

10-29-2006, 06:06 PM
blubber XD.......

give up sight of blue or red?

10-29-2006, 06:06 PM
blubber, people do that anyway. kangaroo balls?! wtf?
probably blue, since red is one of your eyesights main colors to see others.

drink battery acid or fish urine?

10-29-2006, 06:07 PM
I dont like blue <.<

Errrr the acid >.>

Take a bath in toxic waste or do it with MJ

10-29-2006, 06:09 PM
ew toxic waste toxic waste...

give up your right hand or left leg?

10-29-2006, 06:10 PM
My left leg

Give up your eyes or your hands o.o

10-29-2006, 06:12 PM
NO i cant answer that. i need my hands to do everything i do (draw game etc, nothing perverted thanks) but i need my eyes to see what im doing! I'll say hands, but im not happy...

same question.

10-29-2006, 06:13 PM
Eyes.... :)...

Drink pee pee or fat?

10-29-2006, 06:17 PM
Eyes.... :)...

Drink pee pee or fat?

since i need to gain wieght, fat.

eat madonnas bra (unwashed), or dance on your mothers grave?

10-29-2006, 06:19 PM
= O..... madonnas bra

Eat grass or out of date mouldy cheese =l=

10-29-2006, 06:20 PM
grass >.>.....

watch ur parents doing it without covers or follow MJ for a day >.>.....

10-29-2006, 06:32 PM
bad enuf hearing my dad and my WIDE LOAD step mother doing it, bed creaking and all and i hav a mate who name is mj so i guess i'd hang with her

Eating yer boogers or eating mangrove worms (the really long and juicy ones)

10-29-2006, 06:44 PM
Mangrove worms, they're probably full of nutrition.

Would you rather:
A) Jump out of a spike pit into acid or
B) Jump out of an acid pit onto spikes?

10-29-2006, 06:46 PM
choice b >.>.....

would you rather Wake up to find you were a pig?
Wake up to find you're blind, deaf, and mute.

10-29-2006, 06:47 PM
the pig, that way it wouldn't be taboo to live in filth. er, *cough* *cough* >.>

Would you rather:
A) Shoot your mother in the face with a .22
B) Shoot your mother in the arm with a .50 then eat her shredded remains? o.o

10-29-2006, 06:48 PM
arm >.>.......

punch ur mom or ur dad in the face? [assuming you have both if you dont o.o]

10-29-2006, 06:53 PM
punch my mom

eat a tarantula or hold a live wasp in your mouth for a minute

10-29-2006, 06:57 PM
the wasp, there's a chance it won't sting

Would you rather:
A) run full speed into a brick wall
B) ride a dirt-bike off the Grand Canyon?

10-29-2006, 07:01 PM
B, it would be fun in the seconds before I died.

A) Kick a wild dog that had rabies or
B) Put your leg in a live shark's mouth while underwater

10-29-2006, 07:21 PM
kick the dog

A)drink a gallon of hot dog water
B)drink a shotglass full of someone elses foot sweat

10-29-2006, 11:23 PM
choice a >.>

would you rather be mechanically induced to scream at the top of your lungs for an hour, or have your eyes glued shut for a day?

10-29-2006, 11:48 PM
the screaming thing :D
it would make me even more annoying! :D

Would you rather:
A) be forced to run for one week non-stop
B) be forced to swim for 3.5 days?

Kekkei Genkai
10-30-2006, 03:34 AM
Swim for 3.5 days. Heh, I'm on the swim team, I can manage.
A) Would you rather run through the streets of NY in Middle Eastern clothes with a bomb attached to you while shouting "I'm a terrorist!!!"
B) Call the president a f**king gay freak in the middle of his speech next to his Secret Service agents.

10-30-2006, 06:08 AM
I'd rather run through the streets of NY in Middle Eastern clothes with a bomb attached to you while shouting "I'm a terrorist!!!"

what would you choose:
a. a foot with one big toe
b. a foot with many little fingers

| | Hiro | |
10-30-2006, 03:04 PM
I'll go for the little fingers, lol.

What would you choose.

locked up with a wild lion or battle against a bull.

10-31-2006, 12:34 AM
locked up with the lion o.o

Would you rather:
A) Be forced to tear down a concrete wall with your bare hands
B) Lick glass fragments dipped in salt and lemon juice?

| | Hiro | |
11-18-2006, 08:05 PM
I'll take B lol.

would you rather kill all your friends and your lover or kill your parents?

11-18-2006, 08:07 PM
My parents. o.o

Would you rather:
A) Go blind in an acid-related accident?
B) Go deaf and blind going to the opera and seeing the ugliest women performing?

(Kind of an easy choice. :p)

11-18-2006, 08:07 PM
Blind easy i would rather only lose 1 sense

Eat dog crap or live in a garbage can for a day?

11-18-2006, 08:11 PM
Garbage can.

Would you rather:
A) Listen to a nerdy, unfunny comedian?
B) Walk slowly across a bed of coals 1 mile long?

| | Hiro | |
11-18-2006, 08:17 PM
listen to a nerd, lol.

Would you rather kill yoourself to save your lover & children or kill your lover and save yoursef and your kids?

11-18-2006, 08:21 PM
Kill self to save lover and kids (I have kids now?! Noooo! >.<).

Would you rather:
A) Feel the wrath of Sithis?
B) Feel the wrath of the Daedra?

11-18-2006, 08:28 PM
wtf who are u talking abut sithis?? Daedra??

well i chose sithis

Arrow in the ass or long stick?

| | Hiro | |
11-18-2006, 08:41 PM
Long stick, screw the arrows. Fight a hairy naked fat man or fight a short professional boxer?

11-18-2006, 08:53 PM
teh boxer the naked guy is ticking of my gay-dar.

Streak infront of a college football game or Infront of a NBA crowd Filming it and the game was live.

11-18-2006, 09:01 PM
Streak in front of a clooege football

Would you rather stranded naked in Vegas striper street or naked in front of a Russian mob boss?

| | Hiro | |
11-18-2006, 11:31 PM
Vegas >_>

Rather lose your Ability to speak or lose your arms?

02-09-2007, 02:23 PM
Lose my ability to speak...i need my arms for everything!

would you rather commit murder and get away with it, living in horrible guilt the rest of your life, or would you rather commit murder and go to jail?

02-09-2007, 02:28 PM
i would be lying if i pick the second one.....

die of old age, die of a freak accident or die of cancer?

02-09-2007, 02:32 PM
die of accident, that way, i know that i could have done nothing different to save myself

Lose your arms by frostbite, or lose your arms by shark attack?

02-11-2007, 12:18 AM
Shark attack. That way I know the shark was tasting something horrible. <.<

Cut your feet and run over salt or belly flop off Niagra Falls?