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11-25-2006, 01:56 PM
To become Anbu for the fc Hokage Power answer the questions in a private message to one of the hokages(me)if you don't know all try your best and the hokage would help you so you can be Anbu.The questions are:
1.What are Anbu?

2.What do they do?

3.How is their life span?

4.What do they wear?

5.Why do they wear it?

6.What do Anbu members have on their shoulders?

7.Do Anbu get hard missions,yes or no?

8.Why do you want to be Anbu?

9.What is the full name of Anbu(Hint*:Anbu___O___)

10.Do you think if you are Anbu you will get hard missions?

11.What is better,Anbu or Jonin?

12.What is Anbu below(what's ontop of this rank)?

13.What rank(s) is(are) below Anbu?

14.Do Anbu protect their village?

15.Would you make sure everything goes right in this organization?