View Full Version : REQ: 8.5x11 inch graphic

02-23-2005, 06:30 PM
Ok, this isnt going to be an avatar or banner or anything like that. it's a piece of paper that is going to be printed out and put on my notebook.
Can i have it with blue swirls; all shades of blu. In the middle it has to say
A.V.I.D. (its this class) in a cursive like font such as monotype corsiva. In like a 36+ font size. Actually just like an inch thick top to bottom. Swirls any kind of graphics. At the botom right hand corner, put H.T.H (my initials)

Under A.V.I.D. (all capitals plz) have it underlined and boxed with any color.
and could you put a good border anykind.

Thank you guys if you take the request. its an assignment but i have one that im using TEMPOARIRLY so i'd be glad when i get the graphic one from you guys. Plz make sure it can print and cover the whole page.
email is at HT2791@gmail.com