View Full Version : andy12310 warning and ban

06-16-2005, 12:43 AM
you can come plead your case once you are back and no one but him and the mods are to post in here

your pics may be good but they are disgusting and perveted. This is a public forum full of children. If they want to look at porn on the net that's their business but they can't do it here and so you can't provide them with it here. That is disgusting and will not be tolerated. Enjoy your two day vaction and know that if you post things like that in the future we will not hesitate to delete them and ban you again. This is Naruto Lounge not Hentai Paradice.

06-16-2005, 12:50 AM
Lily misunderstood what I told her to say.

You may post pics like that, but YOU MUST give a warning, like mature content inside or something, or else the thread will be deleted. Even if you do put a warning in the title, and we get just 1 complaint about the pictures, we will delete the thread. NO PORN WHAT SO EVER IS TO BE POSTED ANYWHERE (except in the 18+ section).

Also, you are not being banned for the pics, you are being banned for double posting out of control.

Like Lily said, no one but mods and andy are to reply here, or you will get a 24 hour ban. The thread is being left unlocked so he can reply to what we have to say, once he gets back that is :p .