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ichinii30 11-24-2005 02:50 PM

reps& spoiler tags
Well, it seems like not many people are using the rep system. I would just like to point this out, so more people would use it, and so far all I've seen are negative reps.
And when will this forum add spoiler tags? Spoiler tags will be a great asset, since it will make revealing spoilers easier.

OffTheChain 11-24-2005 03:53 PM

Some people (like myself) have negative rep for many silly reasons, or because some people didnt know the difference between a bad-red rep and a good-green rep. But no-one cares about rep anymore..i think

Spoiler tags we don't have yet. I too suggessted this a while ago. I think it'd be great if we had some, for spoilers to mangas and for hiding sigs if we have a large one for instance.

I guess we'll have to wait and see what Tom will do.

lilxvietxgurlx 11-24-2005 04:04 PM

yup is all up to Tom or Shino

Aijou 11-24-2005 04:30 PM

Spoiler tags would be very usefull. They have that on many other forums too.

YoshiToshi 11-24-2005 04:54 PM

Spoiler tags are good, but to save time and effort for Tom and Shino, i suggest that you just use white text.

As for the reps, some people use them.....once in a while. It seems that alot of people don't use them, and they just........ post.

nelsonkong 11-24-2005 11:35 PM

okay, shino has already installed the spoiler tag.

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