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palmereap 12-10-2005 09:25 AM

No one has seemed to ever post in this part so hello everyone
日本かのスキーだれそこにからのあらゆる人々ある(Are there any people out there who ski in japan)

Sakatsu 12-10-2005 04:41 PM

iie, watashi wa suki- ga sukijyanai.

(no, I don't like skiing)

palmereap 12-10-2005 04:44 PM

ない楽しみおよびそれがよい練習なぜであるか(why not its fun, and it's good exercise)

OffTheChain 12-10-2005 07:30 PM

watashi ha sore ga kirai.
are wa samui des >.<

I dont like it.
That is cold

Yarasumi 12-11-2005 06:24 PM


Yarasumi 12-11-2005 06:25 PM

*Looks At Everyone* Hum *Does A Evilish Smile*

lilxvietxgurlx 12-11-2005 08:53 PM


palmereap 12-12-2005 02:00 PM

こんにちは再度私は何もすることがない。OTC の風邪を取ることができない。露出した試みの永続的な外側。雪。それは傷つくが、風邪 に使用を得る(Hello again I have nothing to do. OTC, you can't take the cold. Try standing outside naked. In snow. It hurts but you get use to the cold)

blazin yukasho 12-12-2005 02:26 PM

lol palmareap-san...suki desu ka?

palmereap 12-12-2005 02:31 PM

i don't fully understand jap can you say that in english
私は私がこのドーナツを食べた後、世界を支配する(I will rule the world, after i eat this doughnut)

OffTheChain 12-12-2005 02:40 PM

hahha >.>

urasette dayo

hai sitteimas palmer. Anata wa ikustsu no ringo ga hoshiideska?

shut it.
yes I know Palmer. How many apples do you want? >.O
(my randomness)

blazin yukasho 12-12-2005 02:51 PM

@otc - lmao rofl

Toire wa doko desu ka?

where is the toilet
(mmyyyyyy randomness) lol

OffTheChain 12-12-2005 02:57 PM

sore wa koko des Blaze-san. Watashi wa anata to issyo ni yuku xDDD

It is there Blaze. I'll go with you


blazin yukasho 12-12-2005 03:17 PM

lmao rofl
As, soo desu ka :p wakarimasu *wink*

oh, i see :p i understand *wink*

OffTheChain 12-12-2005 03:23 PM

hai hai. sou desu :p

yes yes, thats right

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