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naruto4eva_malaysia 02-04-2006 11:17 AM

Create a anime character wif ur own plot 4 Naruto!1
do u wish to have a character that represent u in Naruto and give it a small plot / background about ur character .... Here is my one
Name: Mikosharuyu
My character look like anko and tayuya ...but it character like Kabuto add Kimimaru....actually more like Kimimaru ....the power it is suck ppl Charaka like vampire and it can also give it power to ppl ....the plot :taken in by Oro when she kill her own family coz the family alwaz abuse her ...after killing her family she becomes lost and angry of Oro took her under his wing ....she is not given any cruse seal ...Kabuto is quite jelous of her coz Oro kinda trust her more then him plus he is afaird that Oro will replace him wif MY character....( my character has a crush on Oro and she is also a fanatic like Kimimaru)...but in the end ...she love Kabuto and Kabuto tell Mikoshruyu that he is actually a spy from the same time Mikoshruyu found out that Oro is the one who set her up by forcing her Family to abuse she betray giving her power to Kabuto and go to Konoha to tell them about Sasuke ( she has help out in teaching Sasuke ) but unlucky ....she was killed by Kabuto in order of Oro ...still she was happy coz she was able to know that Kabuto like her and being kill by Kabuto is better than being kill by Oro....the END:D

andrew7913 02-04-2006 11:00 PM

name: tarou-cloud
i want him to look lik cloud from final fantasy and is hard working lik rock and was the white fangs other son and he was left in the village hidden in the mist and he comes to the hidden leaf cause he finds out taht kakashi is his brother and also in his eye hols a blue type sharingan and avery lard swrd lik zabuzas
im to lazy to think up more so ill write more later

GAma_Oyabun 02-04-2006 11:18 PM

name: giyo akamaru
ocupation: legendary ninja
look: samurai robes, blue and cloud patterns. weapon: black kotetsu
ninjutsu: katana jutsu, shoot chakra out of blade
story: one day little genin akamaru fought a the powerful sannin benke on the bridge over to the main island, honshou. using his crazy fighting and dodging skills he defeated the foe. benke became his loyal servant/bodyguard/friend
they travel around like shizune and tsunade, acting as merchants or yojimbo or mercanaries. :)

slayer91 02-05-2006 12:52 AM

looks-he is 6 feet tall, black leather like pants, black tanktop, red eyes, and black hair
history- is from a unknown village(hidden in the flames) and is the only person of his clan left, he stated to train when he was 7 out in the mountains by himself while he mastered his best move(devouring light jutsu), he has red eyes from his clan which lets him see heat and he can also see normaly too, part of his jutsu he can control fire, his weapon is a sharingan, the devouring light jutsu puts fire on the sharingan an when it hits something it explodes (he can control it becouse he can control fire)

Naruto-kage 02-05-2006 03:26 AM

Name: Nimura Kaito (kai toe)
Age: 15
Date of Birth: November 6
Hidden Village: Konohagakure
Outfit: A baggy, black, and red suit. He wears his headband the way Zabuza does
Specitalty: He specializes in Fire Element/Katon Techniques/Justus

Background Story;
When Nimura Kaito was only 12 years old, a group of fierce shinobi ordered by Gran (gron), the leader of the Eiichiro (ay chi row) Gang, a group of theives and murderers attacked Kaito's clan, the Nimura clan, slaying all but three members; Nimura Kaito, Nimura Krade (crayed) his older brother by 2 years, and Nimura Kirei (key-ray) his younger sister by 1 year. But, Kirei was kidnapped, because she seemed to have a strange Chakra flow. After a day of preparing, Kaito and Krade set out to find Kirei. Eventually the came across Kirei lying on the ground, dead.

Then, Kaito said as he was crying, "How, how the hell could those bastards do something like this? How, dammit?!"

"Th-th-they probably h-had no use for her! That's h-how th-the Eiichiro Gang is...They treat things as precious as human lives like crap! I-I'll kill those damned bastards" Krade said trying to hold in his tears.

Both of them swearing revenge, for Kirei, the two brothers set out to defeat the Eiichiro Gang and kill Gran. Upon their journey, they hear a rumor about a dangerous technique/jutsu that can bring back the deceased, but this incredible technique/jutsu can put the users life at risk and anything around them in serious danger... Carelessly, Krade tries to preform this sacred technique/jutsu, losing his life he was only able to bring back Kirei's soul. Quickly, Kaito puts the Kirei's soul in a small pot before it was blown away by the strong wind.

Kaito trained for 3 years tryiing to get stronger, during this fierce training Kaito learned that Kirei still had the ability to speak and would talk to her in times when things were looking bad. Now, at the age of 15, after all of his training Kaito set off, only this time swearing revenge for his entire family...

UchihaTaijiya 02-05-2006 03:27 AM

Haha. Leather... it can be hot on the right guy. ^^

But yah, its usually for gay guys or chicks. Hehehe.
His character would have been more interesting if he were gay. An openly gay ninja. Not something that we've been shown yet. XD Though we all have our suspisciouns when it comes to Orochimaru. ::huggles him::

My character that I have thought up at this precise moment :

Name : Senrei
Sex : Female
Age : 17
Bloodline Limit : uuuuuh... something to do with wings... and claws... XD yeah, I'm suddenly reminded of Sasuke's level 2 cursed seal... haha
Hair Color : Red
Eye Color : Green
Height : so-so whatever
Outfit - niiiice, black pants suit. She does not fight in a skirt. I like the holey shirts, like Shika's or Anko's, so she has that under her clothes. Yeah. Some of those arm bandages to look cool. Maybe some on her legs. If I get too carried away, she might just look like a mummy. o.O
Quirks - eye twitches every time she gets annoyed, which is often
Personality - Assertive, easily annoyed but not overly open about it, can be sloppy in battle, lacks motivation, perverted, open about her womanly woes, ect

She's more like guy than a girl. ^^ But she's not really tomboyish b/c she can be very girly. Her character rarely gets pissed off, but when she does, she's pretty pissed.

Yeah. That was fun. ^^

I actually kinda like her... would have to improve on some stuff, like her abilities and what not. ^^ I like making stuff up on the spot.

GAma_Oyabun 02-06-2006 01:16 AM

slayer, how can ur guy have two bloodlines. its saying he has fire controling eyes is one, sharingan, and another is a limit to let him have two limits. and why leather. whats so special that it has to be leather. maybe explain mores o makoto doesnt think ur a retard

Rath 02-06-2006 04:19 PM

there's already a similar topic
People here seem to be posting character profiles more than actual plots and story line, that sort of thing would be a fanfiction.....that's how i feel

andrew7913 02-06-2006 07:50 PM


why didnt i think of that! MAYBE I DIDNT WHAT HIM TO BE THE SAME AS EVERY ONE ELSE! and i was talking about a thin leather like paints i odnt know what its called!
i think thats called gay or homosexual wat ever u fancy

_Uchiha-Amelia_ 02-10-2006 06:33 AM

Full Name: Nagihiro Miharu.
Name Meaning: Beautiful Clear Sky.
Gender: Female.
Age: 18.
Height: 165 cm.
Group: Akatsuki.
Quote: Kuso, Your even weaker than the previous fighter.
Past: She was Uchiha Itachi's teammate and friend, Itachi was just like her older brother. When Itachi knew about her bloodline, he persuaded her to achieve it. At first, she denied it saying that she wouldn't kill a single soul. But, after seeing what Itachi did to his whole clan except his younger brother without mercy, she finally gave in. She left one person alive, which is her younger sister, Kiharu. She fled away from Konohagakure with the help of Itachi and joined Akatsuki. Her current mission is to go back to Konohagakure to become a spy.

Powers: She doesn't has to fight or move much because she, like Itachi is very good at Gentjutsu, besides her looks and appearance never fail to seduce any guy. Her powers are not as good compared to the other Akatsuki members but her wits make her stronger than them and she is a healer and heals the other hurted Akatsuki Members.

Bloodline: Raigan.

Abilities of Raigan: Take other people's jutsu at their deathbed. Revive certain corpses. Special healing powers which can transfer own life to others.

Kyuchiyose No Jutsu: Phoenix. ( Suzaku )

Jutsu: Sometimes, when everything fails and she is forced to fight, she uses a limited but strong jutsus.

Ho Suzaku no Jutsu: Fire Phoenix No Jutsu. Large fireballs taking shape of Pheonixes appear and attack the oppenent directly.

Dragon Fist: Special Taijutsu moves which paralyses the oppenent, Very effective sometimes. 1 Hit K.O on weaker foes.

Suzaku's Ame: Pheonix's Rain. A rare sword appears and can be only used by Miharu herself. The sword can dissolve or appear suddenly behind or in front of
the oppenent suddenly. It is actually an Illusion attack, Foes who are strong-willed will not be affected.

Aki's Ho: Autumn's Sun. Big weapon taking shape of Autumn Leaves appear, to Miharu, the warmth of the big weapon is just fine but to other people, it is actually burning hot. Therefore, foes will usually choose to disappear as soon as possible.

gamerdude_777 02-12-2006 02:24 PM

cool characters!

Ooh Ooh I have on too:

Name: Makinataro Mishima
Clan: Mishima clan
Sex: Male
Age: 17
Height: 6'2
Hair: blue spikey hair
Likes: unknown
Dislikes: unknown
Eyes: similar to the hyuugas except it's yellow
Rival: Neji, Hinata: basically the Hyuugas
Bloodline Limit: Torigan (sounds good to me),
Village: hidden village of sky
Rank: Jounin

1.) Similar to Byakugan, but instead of using the index and middle fingers to attack, they use their palms. They can put chakra in their hands and feet and shoot it to the enemies. They have the ability of twisting the muscles and organs of the enemies to stop the chakra flow in their bodies.
2.) Similar to Byakugan again, they uses their ears to detect enemies. It has 360 degree of hearing and longer range than the Byakugan. They could detect enemies by hearing heartbeats and identify the real ninja when using kage bunshins.
3.) They can use great genjutsu with their flute similar to the girl in sound 5.

The Hyuugas and the Mishimas used to be a one clan. They both share the same abilities, but in that one tragic event, they had been separated. There had been some feud between them......
Their main leader had put the curse in the Mishimas making their eyesights bad or even lose them. So, the Mishima have a distinctive feature of having a bad eyesight. Through training and hard work, the first mishima had improved his new ability, Torigan, thus starting the foundation of their new clan.

Ability: Kage Bunshin, Chi Palm strike, Million Chi blast (similar to the 128 strike), Odd Dimension (genjutsu), dimension chi blast, kuchiyose no jutsu

Name: Kiyumi Shogasari
Clan: Shogasari
Sex: Female
Age: 16
Height: 5'6
Hair: long, straight, purple
Likes: garden, plants
Dislikes: fire
Eyes: Yellow Green
Rank: Jounin
Bloodline Limit: Gimanta (sounds good to me too)
Village: Hidden Village of Sky

1.) Their clan can manipulate the plants, flowers, and even trees with their will.

Abilities: Leaf Blade (projectile of leaf) ,
Petal Dance, Kage bunshin (plant clone),
kuchiyose no jutsu(a big venus Flytrap),
Thorn Bullets (poison thorns coming out from their mouth),
Dive underground,
Vine whip (tentacles of vine that can grab enemies),
Leaf barrier(leaf shield surrounds the user),
mineral absorption (absorbs the minerals underground that coould heal the user)
Vine Chakra Absorber (absorbs chakra from opponent)
Tree sealing (enemy will be imprison in a tree, wrapping him/her)


Name: Sukicho Kidoro
Clan: Kidoro
Sex: Male
Age: 58
Height: 5'11
Hair: bald, but has a long white beard (wizard type)
Eyes: light blue
Rank: Sannin (possible Kage level)
Village: Hidden Village of Sky
Bloodline Limit: Jodokai (sounds good to me again)
Main Weapon: Orb, paper

Abilities: Can manipulate light.
Orb Barrier, Prism Blast, Aurora Storm, Cosmic Ray, Million Origami explosion (similar to Deidara's, but it has a weaker damage so there are millions), Orb Imprisonment tehcnique, Heaven's Judgement, Solar Strike, Luanr Strike, Nova Burst, Phantom Shockwave, Kage bunshin no jutsu (phantom), Origami ballistics, kuchiyose no justu (angel type of creature with 6 wings)

That's pretty much it.
But I'm still thinking about the wind clan

Sasuke_Lover 02-21-2006 02:23 PM

she would hav long black hair in a pony-tail.has the same design as itachi has on his outfit,she wears a dress like sakura.she has black eyes.and has a long sword around her waist

sakumesuki 02-21-2006 07:04 PM

name: Suki Sakume
sex: female
age: 21
weight: 108lbs
height: 5'7
eye color: dark green
hair: like haku's but in a pony tail and the two strands are gold
Village: Subordinate Konoha village
Occupation: Jounin ninja
(has the jewel of the gray wolf allowing her to turn into one at any time: In the Sakume clan if a person's jewel is broken they are said to die)
clothes: A white turtle-neck and a jounin vest/Pants similar to Kakashi's
Sig. move: Kakino(like Rasengan but it's made of fire and ice)
Summon: Wolf boss: Kakina

Riku Haradasan 02-22-2006 09:37 PM

Name: Kya Tosome
Born:village hinden in leaves
Look likes: Black long hair, usally in a bun. Like sakura execpt own style.
sex: female

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