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Corbenk 04-04-2006 06:54 PM

COTW #2 Voting
Same format as the last.


Votes must proceed in this manner :

1: (your first choice, and reason)
2: (second choice and reason)
3:... (third choice and reason)
(And so on, until you reach 6th)
1: number 2, because... "state your reason"
2: number 1, because "state your reason"
and so on until you reach 6th

Votes that are not set out in this matter, do NOT count


Score System:
1 = 6 points
2 = 5 " "
3 = 4 " "
4 = 3 " "
5 = 2 " "
6 = 1 " "

Voting ends this sunday afternoon.
for "rape" (meaning for a win before the recquired amount of posts)-1st place must have atleast a 7 point lead over 2nd place, to win.

This is probably common sense but... Participants do NOT vote.
Entries.... Yes, there are only two....



drunk_sea_monkey 04-04-2006 07:07 PM

1: The second one. Its finished coloring and i like the tanned look to it. tis very nice. not that blended ti seems to me. i think they colored part of the pants the background color (under his left hand)

2: Obviously the first one.
looks nice but it doesn't seem to blended... and its not finished. and the shade job on the hair i don't like at all. reminds me of a clock

do i have to add anything else O.O'


YoshiToshi 04-04-2006 09:48 PM

1. The Second one: Nice overall. Shading, Highlights, blah; it's all good.

2. The third one. lol No, the first one: It's pretty good, but for the hair, you shouldn't have just made the polygon angled thingy like that. Maybe more would've been nice. Alot more shading would've been nice.

@DSM: It's supposed to be hard cell shading. No blending allowed.

OffTheChain 04-05-2006 03:37 AM

1. teh second one. looks more complete and detailed

2. Looks good too, but somewhat incomplete, and i dont like the angled shading on the hair like toshi said.

Corbenk 04-13-2006 05:33 PM

The winner is the second one..... And it was goku's I am posting the new COTW within this hour.

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