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saskatu 04-19-2006 08:51 PM

who do you think is the most active?
who do you think is the most active member/mod/admin or whatever on this site?

Dosu189 04-19-2006 08:54 PM

I don't see why it would matter.

Shino 04-19-2006 09:28 PM

Only if you all knew what all I do behind the scenes >.>

Demonhacker 04-19-2006 11:29 PM

Its not but I am one of the veteran members...(before the Massive amount that came late 2005)

goku100 04-20-2006 11:35 AM

6n6 prolly.

Rath 04-20-2006 12:02 PM

well..... a lot, just check the bottom of the main page to see the total amount of active members, which isn't that much compared to the total members from the beginning.

or generally anyone who posted in this topic

drunk_sea_monkey 04-20-2006 12:27 PM

6n6 is on alot. so is shino. *shrug* does it really matter? ish kinda pointless...

Jaxon 04-20-2006 12:28 PM

Well, the regulars aren't called the regulars for nothing.

Freshgrease 04-20-2006 12:40 PM

I dont know why this is important, but I admit....I am not spending 12 hours a day on here like I used too when I wasn't running my own site...but I am on maybe 1 hour -2 a day now.

Tsuna 04-20-2006 04:17 PM

It doesn't really matter who's the most active. But it'd be Artan, I think.

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