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Dagoro 12-15-2011 05:12 AM

Toriko 169


Eh, mixed feelings about how this all ended.

Reading about Coco's foresight and strategy was badass, but I was expecting LB to be really powerful. Stayjuun mentioned him as one of the worthy chefs of the world, too bad it did not translate into fighting ability.

Still, Coco owned his ass. He was several steps ahead the whole time, and Toriko is evolving yet again. Can't wait to see what happens when he takes in the meteor garlic info.

Buck09 12-15-2011 07:41 AM

Re: Toriko 169
I agree with you on everything there, Coco way of forming a strategy against Livebearer was just awesome, but when it came to the final fight he got owned so easily ? I mean I know Coco is strong but I thought he might give him a good fight for a few chapters. Perhaps in the next chapter he will get up and fight.

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