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goku100 06-05-2006 03:41 PM

SOTW #13 Voting
Well voting is up, please give proper reasons and as per usual and anyone can vote again. Deadline is 10th June 2006.

Give your 1st best, your 2nd best and then 3rd best and a reason for each

1st: [name] - [reason]
2nd: [name] - [reason]
3rd: [name] - [reason]




Crystal Light

goku100 06-05-2006 03:43 PM

Re: SOTW #13 Voting




goku100 06-05-2006 03:48 PM

Re: SOTW #13 Voting
Ganondorf's kid


Voting can begin now.

Dosu189 06-05-2006 04:26 PM

Re: SOTW #13 Voting
Kyuubi Kid GMV
I love the purple colour. x.x
Nice text, nice lighting effect, and nice render. ^^

2nd: EinThunder. Great render, nice lighting.

3rd: Goku. Nice stock, great brushing.

yata 06-05-2006 08:57 PM

Re: SOTW #13 Voting
Can people in the contest vote...? Just making sure.

Ganondorf's kid~ GMV. The purple color is awso me, the render fits nicely, decent text.

Kyuubi-kid~ again I am loving the color. Though on the sides, there is so much empty space, bored me a tiny bit.

Goku100~ nice color, great brushing. However, I am not liking the render itself too much.

Very hard decisions, everyone did an amazing job ^_^

Kyuubi kid 06-06-2006 08:54 AM

Re: SOTW #13 Voting
hmm.. i thought there were judges for this thing....ohwel

Goku100 GMV: Nice render and the colours are so cool, but still you havent really defined your light source. Anyway it still looks great.

Einthunder: Another great render. But it seems like you havent applied many other effects apart from the render.

Ganondorf's kid: Nice effects, just dont like the little dots.

All these guys had great renders and actually used them well.

Wave 06-06-2006 10:29 AM

Re: SOTW #13 Voting
Ninja48 gmv - iunno if other people noticed, but his is actually in the field of originality + never before seen type of render tags, i mean look at it...hmm theres a lot of positives for this tag (no not the + in there lol) such a the color choice is good and the areas you choice to shade =0

Einthunder - awesome render, good typo, and it flows

Kyuubi-kid - could have picked a better font, but the render and lightings good

Bod 06-06-2006 11:45 AM

Re: SOTW #13 Voting
N48- refreshing, innovative, and still a viusally spectacular sig.

Ein- awesome lighting and flow, but what would be expected of a c4d battle

Goku- nie job, great colors, though maybe a bit too chaotic, text could use some work.

Matsuo 06-06-2006 11:45 PM

Re: SOTW #13 Voting
Ninja48- Really loving that style you used on the render, really neat and original. Good colors too.

Ein- Not sure bout the text, but everything else is good. Great render and colors.

Goku- I always like those kind of render tags, great colors. =]

OffTheChain 06-07-2006 04:26 AM

Re: SOTW #13 Voting
Ninja - You gmv cause you style is quite unique. Everything just flows together its really kewl. It seems detaled yet simple as well O.o

Einthunder - I like yours as it flows really nicely and has some good mix of colors. Nice text too, and you placed it very nicely.

Rurouni-jin - dont know why, but yours seem to have caught my attention. Maybe quite monotone-ish but the text just goes with it, and its so crystal clear :P

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