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paulwilkins715 12-19-2011 02:15 AM

A faster way to select multiple photos on the iPad

Thankfully, an enterprising blogger at Mac OS X Hints found a faster way to select multiple photos. As before, you must hit the share button in the upper-right corner (it's the button with the square with an arrow coming out of it), which allows you to select photos. Instead of tapping on each photo one by one, however, tap with two fingers. Your fingers must be close together. Tap on a photo with both fingers and hold them there for half a beat, and then drag them across a row or down a column to select all the photos in that row or column. You can even drag them diagonally, if that is ever a convenient way for you to select photos.
What you can't do is separate your fingers wide enough to highlight two rows or columns at the same time. You can, however, serpentine your way down multiple rows without lifting your fingers, moving right across one row and left across the one below it and so on to select all of the photos on the screen. The photos stay selected when you lift your fingers, at which point you can share, copy, or delete them or page down to select more.
Try as I might, this two-finger tap-and-drag technique did not work on the iPhone.
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