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M1ke C22 12-23-2011 01:44 AM

Its still here :) how ive missed NL!!
awesome! its still here!! it took a bit of searching for but ive finally found it!
i couldnt find this place through the narutocentral redirect link (then again, i only poked around for a min or two..) before i decided to do a good ol' fashioned google search.
its good to be back NL!
i probably don't know any of u guys (and none of u know me) except for the mods that have been here over the years, and probably dont remember me (i dont think i left a good OR a bad impression on them. i never really caused any trouble but i also was never too close to a particular mod).
my point is that being here brought up some good memories, and now i have bookmarked NL so that it will not be forgotten again^^
well, enough of my rant. ill just say hello and be on my way around the forum again^^

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