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Vengeance 12-30-2011 02:34 PM

Plot/Character comparison thread (Naruto vs Soul Eater)
Warning this thread will contain spoilers from both manga.

I wanted to do a comparison thread with an extremely popular manga(Naruto) & a not so popular manga(Soul Eater) since I've noticed quite a few similarities between these two series. Basically I'd like us to talk about similar situations within these two manga while giving opinions on which manga better executed the event & or character development in question. I'll start off by mentioning a few things that came to mind feel free to add on as all opinions are welcome.

Orochimaru vs Medusa; home invasion - Besides having similar fighting styles (Orochimaru uses snakes while Medusa uses "vector snakes") they both interestingly enough launched attacks against each mangas respective power bases. Orochimaru launched an attack on Konoha with intention of destroying the villlage while Medusa launched an attack on Shinbushin with the intent of releasing the Kishin.

Crona vs Sasuke; traitorous students - I found it interesting that both Crona & Sasuke at one time or another befriended the protagonist & ultimately ended up betraying their trust. These two also killed their respective masters.

Maka vs Naruto; longing to save a friend - Both Naruto & Maka want to save a friend who has fell into darkness.

That's all I'll post for now feel free to comment or add on new comparisons as you see fit.

Buck09 01-01-2012 02:52 PM

Re: Plot/Character comparison thread (Naruto vs Soul Eater)
Spirit and Jiriyia : Both mentor / strong characters who offer help to the characters in some way, Naruto and Maka for example. Plus both the big pervs we both love :p

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