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masterq523 07-13-2006 01:05 PM

Do you think Sasuke is gay
here's what i think sasuke is gay because he doesn't respond to any affection from any females but he does react to thing form other men espicially naruto but i'm not saying naruto is gay because we all know he is not

OffTheChain 07-13-2006 01:12 PM

Re: Do you think Sasuke is gay
No one cares whether he's gay or not.


He's a guy so solely thinks of revenge, he has no time to think about girls.

Its funny that you dont say Naruto is, cause he can hardly get a girl.

But Kishimoto makes him one of those characters where he blocks off all other emotions but hate, k?

Shino 07-13-2006 09:51 PM

Re: Do you think Sasuke is gay
Do I think Sasuke is gay? No.

Do I think your gay? Yes.

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