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flame13th 07-25-2006 12:24 AM

Creativity Works: Create your own Zanpakuto Kit
OK, lets get this thing on the road,
The basic guides on zanpakuto are like so...

Name (duhh)
Elemental powers (if he/she/it have any)
Shape (curved hilt, broadsword shaped, the works.)
Shikai Call (shout!)
Bankai form (the form)
Avatar form (Make them weird, make them sexy, whatever)
Pros and Cons (it gotta at least have some weakness)
Bearer's name (this is optional)

Name: Ryugaki (A combi of Ryuga; Black Dragon and Ryuki; Red Dragon)
Elemental powers: Dark Fire
Shape: Dual handed sword carved with ancient chinese and japanese words.
Avatar form: Two girls with reddish hair and black hair.
Shinkai: "Burn Them To Ashes! Ryugaki!"
Bankai: Changes into a Rider Belt and allows the user to Henshin (Change). Great in both offense and defense.
Pros: One of the top rank fire element Zanpakuto. Deals great damage to the enemies.
Cons: Uses to many reatsu powers when bankai. Sucks the user life.

Naru-rin 07-30-2006 04:13 PM

Re: Creativity Works: Create your own Zanpakuto Kit
Name: GINKITSUNE(silver fox)
Elemental powers: Wind
Shape: Daikatana
Shikai Call: Whatever bite is in japanese
Bankai form: A huge freaking fox
Avatar form: Tall, silver-haired man that looks like Kurogane from Tsubasa..except the hair colour.
It's vicious, won't stop until the user uses up too much reiatsu, or the opponent is defeated, or the user is killed.
It's stubborn. Oh so very stubborn.

Fubukimaru Yukishimo 08-03-2006 04:37 PM

Re: Creativity Works: Create your own Zanpakuto Kit
Name-Urufaisu (combination of Urufu-wolf and aisu-ice)
Elemental Powers-Ice control
Shape-like a regular katana, but the blade is slightly longer. the tsuba is shaped like jagged circle.
Shikai Call-Gyou. the sword blade becomes eternal Ice and the tsuba becomes a wolf's head made of ice. also, a white wolf's tail sprouts out of the hilt. it gains the ability to fire off ice waves from the wolf's head. when they fire off it sounds like a loud howl.
Bankai-Gyou za Sora! Shikon Urufaisu!-the swords becomes slightly wider and longer with ice crystals carved into the side. The blade becomes light blue with the ice crystals colored white. The wolf's head becomes real and can talk to it's owned. A large shield shaped like an 8 pointed ice crystal appears in hand. The swords gains the ability to shoot ice crystals out of the ground or out of a wall by stabbing it into the wall.
Avatar form-a winged wolf
Pros and Cons-
Pros: Long-range and short range attacks
Cons-fire can damage the sword. and even though it can be wielded with one hand, it becomes more difficult to swing it.

bigdave 08-13-2006 06:43 AM

Re: Creativity Works: Create your own Zanpakuto Kit
Name: Ursidae
Elemental powers:none
Shape: 1st form is like the base sword that cloud has in ff7 ac, 2nd form is like a black buster sword with a big hilt (like a claymore but thicker)
Shikai Call: crush them Ursidae!
Bankai form: armour(like a knights) goes all up the arms and at the hands is like meng huo from dynasty warriors.
Avatar form: a hot woman in bear skin(oh yeah gigidi gigidi)
Pros and Cons: though it increases the speed and strength of the user 10fold the reactiontimes of him goes down by half so u are more likely to get hit more often then if u were in bankai.

O'n3al 08-13-2006 09:02 AM

Re: Creativity Works: Create your own Zanpakuto Kit
Mine will be
Elemental powers:Water Element
Shape : star shape hilt, big sword like cloud one
Shikai Call: Rip! Samahade
Bankai form:A Tiger Shark the tail will become the hilt and a extend handle to hole the sword, when swing, the shark will charge toward enemy and drown them.
Avatar form:A muscular shark with limbs and arms
Pro:Able to trap an enemy to drown them
Con:Hard to control and aim,attack can be easily dodge
Bearer's name:not sure wor XD

flame13th 08-16-2006 03:32 AM

Re: Creativity Works: Create your own Zanpakuto Kit
No more? I need more ideas...

Fubukimaru Yukishimo 08-16-2006 03:40 AM

Re: Creativity Works: Create your own Zanpakuto Kit
Whoa wait what? Ideas for what?

flame13th 08-16-2006 10:40 AM

Re: Creativity Works: Create your own Zanpakuto Kit
Need to create a Bleach Doujinshi.... Need ideas for Zanpakuto..

Roy Mustang 08-17-2006 01:34 AM

Re: Creativity Works: Create your own Zanpakuto Kit
Name: Boordok
Elemental powers: Fire and Toxic
Shape: hilt is wrapped with old torn bandaids sword is curved a lil on the bottom and from there its straight
Shikai Call: EXPLODE!!
Bankai form: it turns into 2 bracelets and i wear them
Avatar form: magician
Pros: one braclet sprays toxic gas all over the battlefied as the other braclet lighs the gas on fire creating a big explosiong
Con: after using bankai all energy is drained

OffTheChain 08-17-2006 02:51 PM

Re: Creativity Works: Create your own Zanpakuto Kit
There are many threads similar to this. But

i suppose because yours is for a manga, the other threads are old, you wish to know pro's and cons, and is to do with the sword itself not being a death god. I'll allow it

i'll edit my post when i come up with something..

Fubukimaru Yukishimo 08-17-2006 06:12 PM

Re: Creativity Works: Create your own Zanpakuto Kit
Ooooh...I didn't know it was for a Doujin i thought it was for the create your own ninja thing in the Naruto section >.>. In that case, could you not use mine if you planned too. Not to be rude, but I don't like it when people use ideas I made up unless they personally asked me. Silly I know ^^'

Kekkei Genkai 08-22-2006 08:23 PM

Re: Creativity Works: Create your own Zanpakuto Kit
Name: Hakutoryu
Elemental Powers: Pure Reiatsu fire
Shape:Hilt will be Dark Green and the guard will be in the shape of perfect lotus flower.
Shikai Call: Kakkare! Hakutoryu! (Charge!)
Bankai form: A massive white Chinese dragon transforms from the sword and a pure white sword comes out from the mouth. Then I leap onto the the dragon with the sword. The sword allows me to go multiple times faster than an ordinary shumpo and whatever I am touching goes with me when I have the sword. Therefore, the dragon will instant attack the enemy.
Pro:Speed, surprise, and power can overwhelm the enemy.
Con:This bankai takes an enormous amount of reiatsu and it cannot last too long. However, if used sparingly, and not with many large and complicated techniques, it can last long.

BBQ demon 08-23-2006 08:29 PM

Re: Creativity Works: Create your own Zanpakuto Kit
how do u know all these japanese words???:confused:
*sigh* oh well...oh wait i found sumthin that will help me:p

Name: wutever 'Black and Red' means in japanese 'Ryuujin'
Elemental powers:black and red fire
Shape: looks kinda like a normal katana only a bit longer. the handle is black and red and has a small dragon on top of it. the gaurd kinda looks like the back of this pic:

Shikai Call: Bokutsastu! (beat to death)
Bankai form: it kinda looks like Ichigo's only with red spray paint on the bottom that turns to black and the zanpakutou is fully black with a dragon rapped around the tip so every time it hits the enemy he loses 40% of his/her reatsu
Avatar form: A black dragon with red eyes and has scales with a red outline
Pros:One of the most powerful dragon-type zanpakutou, breathes red and black fire at the enemy, is able to copy any zanpakutou, and has has great speed and power
Con: if a anyone were to take the zanpakutou away from the owner in the middle of a battle it will slowly become weaker

alia 10-15-2006 03:42 PM

Re: Creativity Works: Create your own Zanpakuto Kit
Here is the ultimate blade lol:

Name: 黒い死 -black death -gashene(i think)

Elemental powers: Darkness

Shape: black blade, long curved hilt with 1 spike protruding, quite large, top of blade curves out from both sides.

Shikai Call : 消費しなさい -consume! transforms into a double sided blade!

Other abilities: thought i should put (as tousen has his many blades attack that he used on kenpachi) if it is night at time of fight, the opponent cannot see your blade

Bankai form: owner must give blood sacrifice (put on blade) if uninjured can cut himself with the spike on the hilt, also must give blood of enemy- enemy is wrapped in darkness that consumes the essence of his soul

Avatar form : a shadow of the holder

Pros: High attack power, at night has amazing ability, and has a basically 1-hit kill bankai

Cons: while fighting, opponent has to use lots of reiatsu just controlling the blade, bankai requires quite alot of blood

Bearer's name: me- alia!!!

Sakua 10-23-2006 08:08 PM

Re: Creativity Works: Create your own Zanpakuto Kit
Here Is The Demon (nickname) the most powerful Shadow Zanbaku-to

Name: 地獄-Kakatara 暗殺者-Assasion

Elemental powers:Darkness

Shape:normal hilt, narmal handle exept it has a curved spike end,the tip of the sword is curved as if a sythe

Shikai Call:"Make them bleed Kakatara!!"

Bankai form:a large sythe,th handle is made out of metel with a spine wrapped around it and a dragon skull facing backwards on it with a red and black blade coming out the back of the skull and spiked bones on the top of the blade,it also has dark energy encasing the wielder and it bring death to who ever touches it

Avatar form:暗殺者(Assasion)a bone dragonoid(a dragon shaped more like a human)in a grim Reapers outfit

Pros and Cons:It gives the wielder speed beyond dreams and a imortal shield of spirutal shadow that when a being touches it (other than the wielder) they rot and die BUT the user has to be able to control this power for if he lets his energy fly freely for one second 暗殺者(Assasion) will kill him
but even if he can control it it if the user showes any signs of evil 暗殺者(Assasion) will take over his mind

Bearer's name:Sakua Harioto

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