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killerrabbit9 04-11-2012 06:46 PM

Naruto 583 predictions/spoilers
I don't know why this hasn't been posted yet.

Good luck guys!

Vengeance 04-11-2012 07:00 PM

Re: Naruto 583 predictions/spoilers
I predict more Kabuto backstory.

Mansy3700 04-11-2012 07:24 PM

Re: Naruto 583 predictions/spoilers
Back story of anyone = his end

SirBenoit 04-11-2012 07:50 PM

Re: Naruto 583 predictions/spoilers
i predict more kabuto back story, which will show kabuto being molested by a priest.

UzumakiUchiha 04-11-2012 09:03 PM

Re: Naruto 583 predictions/spoilers
I wonder why we dont get Numinous full script predictions? Love to read one from him

DRAGONBPY 04-11-2012 09:07 PM

Re: Naruto 583 predictions/spoilers
SirBenoit should make a script prediction would be epic to see the Mod make one

UzumakiUchiha 04-11-2012 09:09 PM

Re: Naruto 583 predictions/spoilers

Originally Posted by DRAGONBPY (Post 2107394)
SirBenoit should make a script prediction would be epic to see the Mod make one

whose mod?

Vengeance 04-11-2012 09:15 PM

Re: Naruto 583 predictions/spoilers
Why you mod bra? Sorry couldn't help myself.

woody_3162 04-12-2012 07:25 AM

Re: Naruto 583 predictions/spoilers
I'm stuck in wedding celebrations all week guys (don't worry not my own)
I'll try to throw in a predic as soon as i can but based on this weeks chapter i think my last predic still stand lol
Funny how that works out isn't it.

I'll probably post a link and just do a continuation chapter when i can.

el_deevil 04-12-2012 08:28 AM

Re: Naruto 583 predictions/spoilers

Originally Posted by SirBenoit (Post 2107388)
i predict more kabuto back story, which will show kabuto being molested by a priest.

then by Sasori and then Orochimaru.
Would like to see Madara kicking the kages ass for a change.

Konnaha_yellow_flash 04-12-2012 01:41 PM

Re: Naruto 583 predictions/spoilers
I predict itachi is waiting for Kabuto to use the Hakkugeki which limits the movements of both uchiha brothers and kabuto too though. So, kabuto won't be able to be slippery and dodge as he does when an attack is made. So, itachi waits for this moment when kabuto believes them to be helpless then as kabuto charges in itachi uses Izanami to cast the illusion of stabbing kabuto with the sword of totsuka then makes it real thus sealing away kabuto.

Vengeance 04-12-2012 02:34 PM

Re: Naruto 583 predictions/spoilers
But Itachi already activated Izanami.

royalmage 04-12-2012 02:35 PM

Re: Naruto 583 predictions/spoilers
And if itachi seals him he will be a golem forever I thought.

jericho Uzimaki 04-12-2012 04:17 PM

Re: Naruto 583 predictions/spoilers
A Jericho Prediction

583: “nothing becomes something”


Mother, watching a slightly older Kabuto heal a wounded person, “great job Kabuto, you are as good as me. You catch on very well. “

Kabuto, “Thank you mother, I owe it all to you.”

Mother, “I think it is time for me to tell you. I think that you should leave here.”

Kabuto, “?! did I do something wrong?”

Mother, as they both are walking through the mission, “no not at all, I think you should travel and find your own, but especially find a teacher that can increase your knowledge of Medical Ninjutsu.”

Kabuto, “I love to learn things and figure things out. But I like being here with you.”

Suddenly a group of Ninja appear.

Kabuto jumps in front of Mother to protect her.

Ninja 1, “you are very brave, but we are not here to hurt anyone.”

2nd Ninja a female, “We are here to warn you of an on going danger that is nearing here. If you have any medical experts we would appreciate their help.”

3rd Ninja, “other wise everyone should leave here or they will forfeit their lives.”

1st Ninja, “Orochimaru, please. Don’t be so harsh.”

Female ninja, “you know How he is Jaraiya.”

Orochimaru, “forgive me Tsunade and jaraiya. I do get carried away. But we must hurry to help the others at the front.”

Kabuto, “I know some medical ninjutsu, but I won’t go unless Mother comes too!”

Mother, “no, I must stay with the others, make sure they get to safety, when it is over I will come to the Leaf village to see you. I hear this female ninja is greatly talented in Medical ninjutsu. Listen to her.”

Kabuto, sadly, “yes mother, I will.”
They all leave.

Kabuto present talking, “I left with them of course, along the way to the nearest camp, Lady Tsunade showed me a thing or two. Lord Orochimaru actually paid me no attention at all, lol. I was nothing to him then.”

Showing Jaraiya,” I always felt a strange connection to Lord Jaraiya though, the reason has eluded me even til this day. “

Showing different scenes of fighting with Kabuto healing someone and also protecting, “I learned most of my medical ninjutsu after that in many small battles after I parted ways with the Sannin. I eventual learned that the same blade you use to heal can also be used to kill.

Present time.

Itachi, “I see so you found your way to the Leaf through this? So why the path of a spy, nothing so far explains this.”

Flash back.

Kabuto walking with Mother in the Leaf village.

Kabuto, “yes mother I am a doing well, but I have decided that I want to become a ninja, I think I will do well.”

Mother, “I am sure that you will. The others have all found a home in different villages, I am proud of you all.”

Kabuto, “what are you going to do, where are you going?”

Mother, “well, I think I will travel a bit I always wanted to see the Sand Village.”

Kabuto, “it’s a deal, in a few years I will come to the sand village to check up on you , then.”

They both smile.

Kabuto in present speaking, “I visited her many times over the years. One of those visits I ran into someone.”

We see a picture of Sasori.

Sasori, “you will make an excellent spy, I want you to befriend Orochimaru, A somewhat partner of mine, but still. I do not trust him. This jutsu will place you under my control secretly even to him.”

Kabuto talking again, “I did as ordered, I became a student of Lord Orochimaru in secret, but there was an event that was not calculated in Sasori’s plan.”

Years later, we see Kabuto standing over a grave, that says “Mother to all.”

Orochimaru is behind him, “ I can bring her back, better I can show you how to bring her back.”

Kabuto, “do not try to lie to me my Lord, I am not any less intelligent while I am under duress.”

Orochimaru, “your worth is not of enough value to lie to, I was merely stating a fact. I could careless if you go through with it. But if you do want to I must do something first.”

Kabuto, “what is that?”

Orochimaru, “I take that as a yes. Secret jutsu: mind control release!”

He grabs Kabuto’s head, as he does this Kabuto passes out.


Itachi, “ so that is when you became his subordinate.”

Kabuto, “Yes, but I am no ones student or teacher. I will not risk anyone trying to surpass me with my own techniques!”

Sasuke, {he is distracted I should try this now!} “Susan’oo: Sword or blackness!”

He forms the arm of Susan’oo that holds the Ameterasu sword, it is headed strait for Kabuto.

Itachi, “Sasuke!”

Kabuto looking at the on coming attack, “I am something….”

A huge blast occurs causing smoke and debris.

“to respect!”

When it clears we see a figure burning in flames. Then we see Sasuke being held from behind by his neck, Kabuto has snakes holding his arms.

Next: “playtime is over”

jericho Uzimaki 04-12-2012 05:07 PM

Re: Naruto 583 predictions/spoilers
A Jericho Prediction

584 :”playtime is over”

Kabuto glancing down at a hole, “snakes are pretty good diggers you know, Doctor of Snakes such as you are.”

Itachi, “you had a snake burrow his way under the flames that whole time, you are formidable Kabuto, this I give you.”

Kabuto’s other hand is stretching towards Itachi, it is holding the kunai with the tag.

“don’t move, or I will inject him with a mind control venom that slowy kills as it grants me control of him. It takes about a week, more than enough time for me to experiment on him.”

Sasuke, “don’t do it, I would rather die than let you make another sacrifice!”

Itachi, “as i said before, “I am sorry Sasuke…”

Scene switches to …

Edo Madara has stopped he looks at himself and the Kages all struggling to maintain.

Edo-Madara, “I see, I am no longer being watched by this, Kabuto person.”

All the clones disperse.

Kages looking confused.

Edo-Madara, “I am a warrior not an overlord, you all have no chance against me. I have no problem fighting you further.”

Tsunade, “are you saying you have been pretending to fight us?”

Edo-Madara, “ I have been testing myself so to speak. I have no hatred for even you Senju female. I am bored with you all, I am leaving now to find better opponents.”

Suddenly Raikage and Oonki are right in front of him with Raikage swinging with both hands in a club form.

Raikage, “you will not leave here!”

Oonki letting him go and forming hand sign, “dust element….!”

Huge explosion everyone covers their face and Gaara shields them as well.

As it clears they all are shocked.

Edo-Madara, is standing holding Raikage by his neck with a root going through Oonki chest and abdomen. It is apparent he was hit but he is reforming due to the Edo Tensei.

Edo-Madara, “you both could have lived through this to fight elsewhere in this War. What is your title in this Army?”

Raikage, “ I am the supreme commander and Raikage of the Cloud Village.”

Oonki coughing up blood, “I am Tsuchikage, cough…”

Edo-Madara, “ I hope you have picked your successors.”

Raikage glances at Gaara.

Edo-Madara, “he is the next in line to lead this army? You are all stupid to come here, never send in all the high ranking warriors to one fray.”

Tsuande, “do not do it.”

Edo-Madara, “ I know you would be nearly impossible to kill with that jutsu, bu they die now.

A wood clone appears on the other side of the two Kages. Edo uses wood braches to toss both into the air as Clone jumps above both of them., both Edo and clone change to RG.

Edo-Madara/Clone: “Almighty PUSH!!”

Raikage and Oonki scream in agony for a moment before they are completely crushed by the two forces.

The two bodies land lifeless.

Tsunade turns her head to the others, “get back, now!”

Edo-Madara, “I am very generous, they chose not to take advantage, do you choose the same fate?”

Tsunade, “they have fallen, but we made a deal to finish you as someone finished the other Madara. We will not go back on that. I won’t let us!”

She slams her hands down on the ground, “Secret Uzumaki Sealing technique: Grand Life Capture!”

A huge cage rises from under the ground it engulfs Tsunade Edo Madara and the area they are in.

Edo-Madara, “this cage, Uzumaki ? You are familiar with this technique? I have underestimated you slightly.”

A scroll falls from the top of the cage. As it falls we see many different lines of writing, two more lines glowingly appear.

Gaara, “Hokage?”

Tsuande, “everything in here is captured once I release my hands from the ground we will be sealed into that scroll until released, by an Uzumaki that is versed greatly in seals. I only know the sealing but no the release technique.”

Edo-Madara, “you said Life capturing, I should not be effected by this.”

Tsunade, “this is the ultimate suspension technique. You are alive using someone elses life force but it is you. Once sealed you cannot be released by the caster of Edo Tensei. You are too powerful for us to defeat, due to the combination of RG, EMS and my Grand fathers techniques. Whoever releases you may they be powerful enough to take you down!”

She slowly is releasing her hands from the ground.

Edo-Madara., “No!”

Gaara looks on with no emotion in his eyes, but concentration.

The cage is disappearing, as Sand is rising inside it.

We see the scroll roll up and close. It rolls and rolls until some ones feet stops it.

Gaara picks it up, “I couldn’t get her before it sealed, I must get this to…”

Scene switch.


We see Kurama talkin gto him.

“Naruto, let’s get this over with!”
Naruto, “okay. With all these names we can’t lose!”

Tobi, “I am done with this”

A swirl is forming , he is teleporting away.

Naruto is RS mode, “no you don’t!”

He enters the swirl with him. The summoned statue disappears.

Kakashi, Gai and Bee are standing shocked.

Scene switches to Kabuto and the Uchiha Brothers.

Moments earlier …

Itachi right before the tag hits him, “Izanami.”

We see Kabuto looking at Sasuke, he lets him go and grabs tags Itachi.

Sasuke, “Itachi!”

Kabuto, “that is not Itachi, I am!”

Sasuke, “what are you insane?!”

He stands ready to attack when.


We see Kabuto poke Sasuke on the fore head.

Itachi is on his knees with his head down. Sasuke is shocked.

Suddenly, Tobi appears with Naruto dashing through him as he phases landing and being covered by rubble that falls on him from impact.

Tobi, “Kabuto, stay away from Sasuke for now, we have a war to win!”

Next: “the Trojan Ninja”

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