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Dagoro 07-04-2012 05:48 AM

One Piece 673


Cool chapter.

So basically this is Alabasta 2.0 it seems. A SB infiltrating an organization and plotting shit, which is surprising since Flamingo never struck me as the type to do that. Most things have been tied up, all that is left is the motive. I hope it isn't simple conquest, that has been done to death. Maybe these experiments are all related to D.Flamingo being part of the dark underground/black market of the One Piece verse ?

A medicine that can make giants on demand would be very profitable. I wonder where this arc will go now, so many things are on the table. My guess is that Wano is up next, and D.Flamingo will tie into that possibly. W/e comes next, with the reveal of D.Flamingo being involved his downfall is surely on the way.

Shs/Heart pirates vs D.Flamingo's crew ? I like !!!

The slime ate a DF, which is yet another thing CC has knowledge of, feeding DFs to inanimate objects. The candy scene was creepy, the cage scene was funny ( Franky resting on Robin's lap ), and Where the hell is Chopper ?

Possible Salvation there ?

apacolypz 07-04-2012 06:32 AM

Re: One Piece 673
SO much info here, so Vergo or Welgo by other trans was a ship mate of Joker aka Donflomingo or however. Law was a pirate working under Don. That is how they met, but more importantly Don hid his existence and so did Vergo. Starting this chapter over 15 yrs ago when he was known as a pirate. Worked himself up to a top tier member of the WG under G-5. Working with Smoker san, and covering up the accident 3 years ago. Yes what is Don's motive..he is not the type to sneek or plan shit out in such detail. I see him as a JOKER type (batman). He is all about the chaos and wants to see shit burn. Now will Law team up with SH's to take on these foes. More importantly they don't trust Ceasar so what and how will that angle work out? Awesome scenes and just brain vomit right now dealing with what transpired. Great chapter. With Law knowing so much about Don and Vergo maybe has has his DF figured out for a weakness. Props to all that thought that Joker was Don D!

Dagoro 07-04-2012 06:39 AM

Re: One Piece 673
Man, Dfla must have North blue on lock.

He runs that shit.

apacolypz 07-04-2012 06:57 AM

Re: One Piece 673
Yeah he was shown back in that town with Blackbeard forcing his guys to kill one another. You know the pirates that made fun of SH's for believe in Sky city or whatever. I don't think it was lougetown but yeah man dude is everywhere! The most of his skill we have seen first hand was the War @ Marineford vs Oars. He has some sort of puppet type ability. I am still trying to cope with how did he cut off Oars foot? WITH EASE! Then we have this Vergo/Welgo who I believe has Haki. A strong enough Haki that kept Law from even moving. So we knew already that CC experimented on DF. We knew objects as well can eat DF. So Slimey ate the Sara Sara or whatever DF. I hope ODa comes out with a list of DF's. I love OP due to the character development but also mainly due to the shit you just can't predict. How will SH/ Law/ G5 get out of this pickle? We still have four or five SH's that are searching for the others. Plus Fire Fox to aide them. Come on Law give Smoka San back his body already!

Numinous 07-04-2012 06:58 AM

Re: One Piece 673
Am I seeing things or is Oda giving some hints for the Frank/Robin pairing as of late? Not that I ship any pairing in OP, but can't help but to notice it.

In my opinion, Doflamingo is in for the profit. He doesn't seem to be a guy who is that concerned with overall politics.

Also I want to see a flashback of Law in Doflamingo's crew. make it happen!

Dagoro 07-04-2012 07:04 AM

Re: One Piece 673
I like Vergo's gag.

In the flashback he had fries stuck his cheeks, this time a whole meat patty. Next time he will have a freaking big gulp on top of his head and somehow he will be completely oblivious to it.

One in OP folks.

Buck09 07-04-2012 07:23 AM

Re: One Piece 673
Well I guessed Jokers Identity right but beginning to feel it was too easy,


Originally Posted by Buck09 (Post 2108982)
To be honest I thought that Doflamingo might actually be Joker, I mean he is always talking about thigns being fun, and if he is the Joker, causing chaos by leaking info from a top Marine base sounds like him.

Although I do have this isnt as Dag put it 'Alabasta 2.0' hoping that Oda performs one of his epic turns and completely throws us off the mark again. Love how cheerful Luffy was in the cage with everyone.

And if I remember correctly last chapter Law left Chopper in that lab to find a cure for the kids candy addiction, so good chance he will be the 'Mr Prince' of this arc if its like Alabasta again (( Sanji was Mr Prince if some folk cant remember ))

Gakure 07-04-2012 10:22 AM

Re: One Piece 673
I thought we were into taking down a Yonkou, (unless DonFla is now one,) not a SB. Lots of info. Joker is not an SB for nothing, he runs businesses so am guessing he in for the long haul profit. Giant making medicines, chemical weapons, experimented DF will be much profitable.

Just wondering how this will lead to taking down a Yonkou eventually.

Watch Zoro single slashing the forged door of the research lab with his sheathed sword making G-5 guys wet their pants

Dagoro 07-04-2012 11:09 AM

Re: One Piece 673

I thought we were into taking down a Yonkou, (unless DonFla is now one,) not a SB
Dfla is not an Emperor and the plan still stands. What changed was the involvement of Vergo and by extension Dfla which blindsided Law big time. If catching CC was a means to get to Joker/Dfla then I really have no idea how it would work.

I love this arc lol, so unpredictable.

Spiegel 07-05-2012 02:55 AM

Re: One Piece 673
Man, this chapter is all over the place. It's quite awesome. I wonder if that Wano samurai dude knows other similar techniques. It'd be interesting if Brook learned a few new tricks, it'd compliment his freezing sword attacks.

Luffy seems like he's not worried about anything and just rolling with everything. Although Chopper coming to rescue everyone seems plausible I think Franky could also help out since he's the only non-devil fruit user. He's a walking armory and hardware store, I'm sure he could get them out of the chains once he wakes up.

DoFlamingo was an interesting twist to this whole plot. I honestly didn't think we'd see any involvement from him so soon. Which is cool because I've been dying to see more of him than any other Shichibukai. All we know is that he's a brutal mother fucker as seen back in Mock town when he pitted his underlings to fight each other which resulted in Bellamy's death.

And yeah, Vergo's running gag is hilarious with the food stuff. I wonder if he's a DF user or just badass enough that he doesn't need DF powers like Garp. He subdued Law pretty easily which is saying a lot based on shit he wrecked on the island with the G-5 Marines and against Smoker.

NeoKakarott023 07-05-2012 04:21 PM

Re: One Piece 673
Don, been waiting on him to show, he's one of my favs that they haven't really shown trully battle. He's going to be a problem for ANYBODY, but from the Marineford War, he was obviously a subordinate of someone other than the WG.

J-man123 07-05-2012 06:48 PM

Re: One Piece 673
How can a man have a full beef patti on his face what did he eat the bun

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